TD Credit Card Payment Center 

What are the benefits of the Payment Center? 

The streamlined Payment Center allows you to:

  • Schedule one-time payments or enroll in Auto-Pay
  • Review scheduled payments and online payment history
  • Make payments easily in one spot within the TD Bank app or Online Banking
  • Set up and manage account alerts

Here's how to get started

  • Using the TD Bank app

    1. Log in to your TD Bank app
    2. Select "Pay & Transfer" at the bottom of the account summary screen
    3. Select "Pay my credit card" 
  • Using Online Banking

    1. Log in to Online Banking
    2. Select "Accounts"
    3. Select your TD credit card
    4. Select "Pay my card"

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Don't see the Payment Center in the TD Bank app? You may need to update your app. Open the app store on your Apple® or Android™ smartphone or tablet and select update to ensure you have the latest version.

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Payment Center FAQs

The Payment Center offers a variety of one-time payment options including making a minimum payment, paying a statement balance, paying a current balance, or paying an amount you enter. You can choose what's best for you. You can also choose the payment date and make one-time payments anytime you want.

Auto-Pay allows you to choose from minimum payment due or your statement balance. Auto-Pay payments are processed on the payment due date.

Say good-bye to the stress of remembering to pay your TD Bank credit card each month! Auto-Pay allows you to set up recurring payments with ease. Simply log into the TD Bank app or Online Banking and select your credit card account. Once there, follow these steps: 1) Select your credit card 2) Go to Payment Center 3) Turn on Auto-Pay and follow the prompts from there.

Within the Payment Center you can select Payment History to see online payments made. You can also visit the Account History section in Online Banking to view your credit card payment history – including all other payment types not initiated online.

The Payment History screen within the Payment Center reflects online payments only. Visit the Account History section in Online Banking or review your credit card statements to view your credit card history – including payments made outside of the Payment Center.

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