Supporting Individuals with Diverse Abilities Through Inclusive Financial Education Resources

At TD, we foster a culture of care and inclusion within the diverse communities across our footprint, which extends to the programs and services we offer. Improving financial literacy for everyone is a hallmark of our inclusive approach and the foundation for establishing our Adaptive Financial Education program. TD's Adaptive Curriculum includes a variety of on-site seminars that empower individuals with diverse abilities and their caregivers to better understand and navigate their financial lives more independently. The interactive, hands-on program is designed to improve financial independence and quality of life for individuals with diverse abilities, enhancing participation in the economy at every level, from employment to accessing financial services.

Understanding the needs of Individuals with Diverse Abilities
The program was inspired, in part, by survey results of individuals with diverse abilities and their caregivers, sponsored by TD in March 2018. The survey found that nearly two-thirds (65%) of respondents would like to receive more education on how to budget, with 35% eager to learn more about using credit and debit cards and 28% wanting help with savings.

According to the survey, a substantial percentage of individuals with diverse abilities and their caregivers prefer financial learning tools that incorporate interactive/online learning access (46%), on-site learning opportunities (40%) or other visual and tangible elements.

Additional Financial Literacy Supports
Online financial literacy resources like TD's suite of Adaptive Financial Education lessons are critical for individuals with diverse abilities and their caregivers. But access to these pivotal programs that can help guide their personal financial journey doesn't end there. There are other organizations, such as the Dan Marino Foundation, that have developed adaptive online learning programs to support individuals with disabilities. The Florida Department of Financial Services also offers a wide variety of online resources, lessons and games, called My Money.

All the financial literacy programs highlighted are free for community members. Utilizing them equips individuals with diverse abilities with the knowledge and skills they need to live their lives with greater financial confidence and independence.