TD Joint Bank Accounts

When to open a joint bank account

Sharing a checking or savings account can be a good idea for a variety of relationships, such as married or unmarried partners; parents and children; seniors and caregivers.

A joint bank account makes it easy to:

  • Pay shared bills, like rent, mortgage or utility bills
  • Buy shared items, like groceries
  • Create a budget and keep track of spending
  • Contribute to financial goals, both big and small
  • Deposit checks for each other

Plus, with two people contributing to your monthly balance, you may even be able to upgrade to an account with more features like TD Beyond Checking and TD Beyond Savings.

Explore TD Checking and Savings accounts

When you're ready to open a joint bank account, visit a TD Bank with your co-owner to get started.

TD Checking Accounts

Talk to your co-owner about which checking account works for your budget and has the perks you want

TD Savings Accounts

Discuss your savings goals with each other and choose the account that works for you both

Open a joint bank account in person together

Whether you're opening a new account or adding someone to your TD account, both owners will need to bring the required info.

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