Chip Technology for Your Visa® Cards

Chip card benefits

Your TD Bank credit, debit and reloadable prepaid cards have chip technology that makes them more secure and easier to use around the world. Benefits include:

  • Greater protection from fraud
    The microchip embedded in your card encrypts your data, providing enhanced security against counterfeiting when used at a chip-enabled terminal
  • Easy to use at home or internationally
    Less hassle using a chip card overseas! The chip technology is the global standard and is already in use in over 80 countries, including Canada and throughout Europe and Asia
  • Acceptable at non-chip-enabled card terminals
    Your new card has the embedded chip as well as a magnetic stripe. If a store or merchant has not upgraded to chip technology, you'll use your card as you did previously by swiping the magnetic stripe

Using your card

It's easy to use your chip card at any store or merchant.

At a chip-enabled terminal

  • Instead of swiping, insert your card face up into the terminal
  • Don't take the card out until the transaction is complete
  • Sign or enter your PIN (for debit cards), if asked, and remove the card

At a traditional terminal without chip technology

  • Just swipe your card as you've done in the past
  • Sign or enter your PIN (for debit cards), if asked

For phone or online purchases

Complete your purchases just as you've done in the past

Make the most of your money

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