TD Alerts

TD Alerts lets you customize your notifications to fit your daily banking needs—like staying on top of your everyday spending and helping to keep your accounts secure. Set up personalized alerts for your debit card, checking account, savings account, credit cards and small business account.

Money's personal. Staying on top of it should be, too

Set up TD Alerts in Online Banking and the TD Bank app so you can: 

  • Stay in the know
    Track your balance and manage transactions in the moment so you always know what to expect when it comes to your accounts and cards
  • Defend against fraud
    Bank with confidence knowing fraud alerts are always on for your TD Debit or Credit Card. See how TD helps keep your accounts secure
  • Plan ahead
    Hit your financial goals by monitoring account activity and utilizing balance alerts

Set up alerts for your TD accounts

Conveniently set up alerts for your accounts using your TD Bank app or in Online Banking.

TD Alerts puts you in control

Staying informed with customizable alerts can help you know when to take action to help keep your TD accounts and cards secure.

  1. Temporarily lock your TD debit or credit cards while you research the charge

  2. Report a debit or credit card lost or stolen 

  3. Transfer money between accounts to avoid overdraft fees

  4. Report fraud

TD Alerts when and where you want them

TD Bank offers customizable alert types for all your accounts and cards providing relevant information when you need it, delivered how you want it. 

Get notified in the moment when your checking or savings account balance is above or below your selected dollar amount. With customizable alerts, managing your money has never been easier.

Low balance alerts keep you informed. You can take action when needed to:

  • Transfer money, deposit a check or reduce spending
  • Track your balance when multiple people use the same account

High balance alerts keep you in the know so you can:

  • Stay on track with your financial goals
  • Earn more by transferring money to a higher interest account

Overdraft alerts send you notifications to:

  • Alert you when your account is overdrawn
  • Help you prevent overdraft fees

Want more help setting up alerts?

Easily track your spending and keep your accounts secure by enrolling in TD Alerts for your TD Bank Debit Card. In the moment alerts allow you to customize your preferences and always be in the know. Available alerts are:

  • Online or phone transaction
  • Transaction threshold
  • Declined transaction
  • Gas station transaction
  • International transaction
  • ATM withdrawal


Want more help setting up alerts?

Our digital tutorials can help guide you step-by-step 

With sixteen different alerts and the ability to receive them as SMS notifications, e-mail updates or both, you can spend confidently while closely monitoring your card activity. Available alerts include: 

  • Purchase amount
  • Payment due
  • Internet purchase
  • Payment processing
  • Declined authorization

See the full list of available alerts and start customizing your preferences now in your TD Bank app or in Online Banking

Set up all your alerts in the TD Bank app or Online Banking.

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