TD Bank Online Security Features

TD Bank is committed to providing you with a safe online experience that protects your confidential information and business. We use industry-accepted security practices, including firewalls and encryption, to properly authenticate your identity when you access our online services and help to protect your information as it travels over the internet between your computer and TD Bank. We also constantly monitor and assess the security of our systems.

To further protect the security of your business data, TD Bank can help you to implement features like:

User Permissions and Transaction Limits

  • Each user may be limited to a specific set of features that are relevant to their responsibilities. For example, not every user needs wire and ACH features enabled
  • Users may be limited by both per-transaction and daily dollar limits

Dual Control

TD Bank can accommodate payment methods that require two or more users to release an ACH batch or wire transfer. With Dual Control, one compromised user cannot initiate a fraudulent transaction without another authorized user, which may prevent or limit losses due to unauthorized transfers.

  • TD Bank offers Dual Control by using tiered authority to create and manage sub-users
  • If you need assistance to set up Dual Control on your TD Bank business account, please contact Customer Service at 1-888-751-9000

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