TD Bank WOW! Zone Financial Education Resources

The TD Bank WOW! Zone Financial Education Resources are free and designed to help K–12 educators teach children and teens about money in an easy, simple way. Providing students with money management and investing tools now helps prepare them for a strong financial future.

Financial learning resources for all ages.

Educators and students can work on financial literacy with a full curriculum of downloadable lesson plans and age-appropriate activities for grades K–12.

Designed to help students learn valuable information about saving, banking, spending, credit scores and investing, all lesson plans are written to meet the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards.

Request TD Bank Financial Education Instructors.

TD Bank employee volunteers are available to teach your classroom or community group for free. Invite an employee volunteer to teach a lesson virtually or in your classroom or organization today.

This program is available in most communities where TD Bank is located.

Financial lesson plans for grades K–12.

Download these free money management lesson plans that include an age-appropriate activity for your classroom. To access these lesson plans, you will need Adobe Acrobat.
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Additional TD Bank educational resources.

Experience the real stock market – virtually.

The TD Bank Virtual Stock Market Simulation allows educators to lead a virtual stock market challenge with their class or community organization. All ages can learn how to manage a portfolio and increase their knowledge with our helpful online tools.

Learn more and register to play
Teachers and players can easily register online, learn more about our Virtual Stock Market Game and explore the Learning Center filled with useful financial information.

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How the game works.

Learn about how the U.S. Stock Market works with our no-cost virtual trading simulation. The platform can be used in the classroom to help students learn about personal finance, or individually to practice trading real stocks at real prices, but without risking real money.

  • For teachers and educators

    • Register your class and generate an account for each student
    • Access the instructor's user guide for tips on how to best use the platform in your classes
    • Get over 40 lesson plans with ideas on how to integrate this simulation with each activity
    • Use the additional educational tools available including articles on a range of investing topics
    • Track student progress in real time with teacher reports
    • Practice trading alongside your students
    • All at no cost to you or your organization
    • Separate divisions for middle schools, high schools
  • For students

    • Practice trading every U.S. stock with real prices
    • Use our research tools to find company info, market data and streaming quotes
    • Read over 350 beginner investing articles in the Learning Center
    • See your real-time ranking against your classmates
    • Compare your performance with thousands of other students around the country
  • For independent investors

    • Play on your own or with friends
    • Fund your portfolio with virtual cash
    • Advanced research tools can help you learn fundamental and technical analysis
    • Mobile-optimized trading platform allows practice on the go
    • Get dozens of beginner and advanced trading strategies in the Learning Center
    • All at no cost to you

Register, explore and get ready to play the TD Bank Virtual Stock Market Game.

More tips and info for teens.

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