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Check out Empowering Black Entrepreneurs and get inspired by business leaders such as Rose Staram, founder of RoseMark Production.

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  • Foxy Black Bundles

    Rydia’s story is one of beautification and inspiration. As founder of Foxy Black Bundles, a female-owned business in Philadelphia since 2018, Rydia offers affordable, high-quality hair extensions to women wanting to complement their natural style.

    As a TD customer, Foxy Black Bundles has grown into a thriving company reaching customers well beyond the Philly area. See some of the tools we provided Foxy to help it expand.

  • RoseMark Production

    Rose Staram’s business journey begins as an accountant and winds down the road of her true passion: producing major events. As founder and CEO of the Boston-based firm, RoseMark Production, Rose has produced events for some of the world’s most influential people.

    Rose’s remarkable story continues, as does her relationship with us at TD Bank. We’re proud to offer the tools she needs to move RoseMark forward to even greater heights.

  • Chefonpoint®, Where the food stays on point.

    Chef Matthew Lovell’s story is filled with fine ingredients. A passion for cooking since childhood. A skill set honed by notable internships. And an entrepreneurial spirit. All culminating in his highly successful catering business: Chefonpoint®, Where the food stays on point.

    We helped keep Chef Matthew’s company on point with just the right lending tools he needed to thrive. See what lending solutions we have for your business.

Moving your business forward.

Eastern Slope Dental

Family, nature and a passion for dentistry brought Dr. Allan Mulandi from Kenya to Conway, New Hampshire, where he owns and operates Eastern Slope Dental. Dr. Allan oversees an impressive team of professionals dedicated to providing compassionate, judgement-free dental care.

We helped Dr. Allan fund the acquisition of his dental practice with our specialized financing solutions. Discover what financing options we have for your practice.

DCMC Construction, LLC

Norman Young started as a laborer who helped build bridges in New York City. Then he became a foreman, a superintendent, a project manager. With each advancement, he was building his own bridge—to success. Today, Norman owns and operates DCMC Construction, LLC, doing business nationwide in cities such as NYC and Albany, NY; Atlanta, GA; South Beach, FL; and Las Vegas, NV.

As a prime contractor, Norman uses many tools—some of them financial. That’s where we come in. We provide the products Norman needs to build a bright future for DCMC Construction, LLC.

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