Opening doors to affordable housing

From working with local organizations to making mortgages more accessible, we're helping to bring housing within reach.

A home for culture

Philly's Chinatown faces challenges like gentrification and displacement—and Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation is tackling them head on. We're proud to support their efforts with grants that help build new affordable housing and volunteers who teach mortgage workshops & financial literacy classes for the community.

Helping our neighbors through housing

  • Building in sustainability

    Passive housing, like 425 Grand Concourse in the Bronx, reduces energy costs—making it better for renters and the environment. See why we're honored to have worked with the largest passive housing building in the country.

  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation works with non-profit building owners in Philly to help residents in at-risk buildings stay safely housed—and we're proud to support them in ensuring 650 affordable rental units.

Navigating the path to homeownership

Living—and buying—with multiple generations

In a tough housing market, more families are managing affordability by returning to tradition: purchasing together to form a multigenerational household.  Ray Rodriguez, Regional Mortgage Sales Manager for TD Bank in the Metro New York area, provides his insights into this trend and considerations for people who are looking into this option.

Unraveling the complexities of tangled titles

A tangled title—where someone believes they're the rightful owner of a home but doesn't have their name on the deed—can have major implications for home occupants. A TD Wealth Strategist shares insights on how impacted families can navigate this tricky situation.

Making housing more accessible for all

This year's TD Ready Challenge, our annual grant initiative, supports organizations developing innovative and impactful solutions for access to affordable housing. Meet the ten organizations who received a $1M grant and learn how they're making a difference in their communities.

Educating and empowering

Start your home-buying journey
Get practical tips for wherever you are in the homeownership process—from thinking about buying your first home to refinancing an existing mortgage.

Get to know Housing for Everyone
This annual grant competition focuses on increasing opportunities for affordable housing. Meet previous winners and learn more.  

See how else we're supporting our communities