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Sustainability Performance

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  • Learn more about TD policies, commitments, initiatives and Sustainability performance. Documents on this page touch on a wide array of topics, including green bonds, our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Report and workforce profile.

Sustainability Awards and Achievements

  • Recognized as a S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook Member in 2024, as a company within the top 15% of banks globally based on their 2023 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment scores.

  • Expanded and enhanced the calculation of our financed emissions footprint, now covering nine sectors and spanning three years and four asset classes, with overall increases in data quality.

  • Achieved $69.5 billion of our $500 billion Sustainable & Decarbonization Finance Target and introduced a Sustainable Finance Strategy.1

  • Disclosed five new targets for our social framework, TD Pathways to Economic Inclusion. For information on these targets, see pages 47-48 of the 2023 Sustainability Report.

Recognizing that there is no standard or universal approach to sustainable finance, we have articulated TD's approach through our Sustainable Finance Strategy and have published a methodology setting out how we determine which business activities count toward our Sustainable & Decarbonization Finance Target. The GHG emissions impact of our business activities that are eligible toward the Sustainable & Decarbonization Finance Target cannot, however, be reliably measured at this time.

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  • View TD insights and analysis on a range of sustainability topics, including the TD Indigenous Report and Public Accountability Statements.

  • Learn more about how TD is working toward achieving a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Find reporting and disclosures on TD's strategy and financial performance.

  • See this list of awards that TD has won on Environmental, Social and Governance matters.