Investing in our communities

Committing $100 million to minority-owned businesses

Small businesses are the heart of our communities. When they thrive, so do we.

To make sure everyone has a fair shot at success, we're supporting women and minority-owned small businesses—starting with a $100 million equity fund.

Funding local futures

Leading through lending

We help people and local businesses get the funds they need through programs like affordable housing, disaster relief and small farm financing.

Inspiring to invest

By providing tax credits for low-income housing, new market investments and more, we encourage companies to contribute to small businesses and underserved neighborhoods.

Building a better tomorrow, one step at a time

Investing in students with unique learning needs

The Cotting School supports students with unique learning needs and helps them reach their full potential. With a $10 million loan from us, the non-profit will enhance its services and facilities to benefit even more students—for decades to come.

A critical lifeline for individuals facing homelessness

For years, Project HOME has provided shelter and on-site services to Philadelphians facing eviction. Learn how we supported their mission during COVID-19.

Empowering future generations with financial know-how

Our Financial Scholars program teaches elementary and middle schoolers about income, careers, credit and more. It's reached thousands of students across Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey—and even empowered one kid to help his parents with their mortgage.

See how else we're supporting our communities

TD Ready Commitment

Our global initiative to open doors for a more inclusive and sustainable tomorrow.

Funding Opportunities

We support organizations that provide access, resources and meaningful solutions for our local communities.

ESG Reports

See how our efforts measure up in the latest Environmental, Social and Governance reports.
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