TD Embedded Banking  

TD Embedded Banking is an innovative plug-in solution that integrates select Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or accounting software with TD Bank. Through this integration, you can securely receive a TD Bank feed, automate and simplify your reconciliation process and send payments right from your ERP or accounting software streamlining your payables and cash management processes.

Benefits of TD Embedded Banking

  • Direct integration

    Integrate select ERP or accounting software directly with TD Bank. Plus, our smart integration requires almost no IT lift on your end

  • Near real time1 information reporting

    See previous day and intraday balances and transactions with near real-time1 information reporting from TD Bank right within your ERP or accounting software

  • Simplified and automated reconciliation

    Transaction data flows seamlessly and securely from TD Bank into your ERP's reconciliation module allowing for an automated reconciliation process

  • Save time and money

    Save time on accounting and audit hours when you make digital payments directly from your ERP or accounting software and with automated reconciliation

  • Reduce dual-screen accounting

    Bring together current banking data and functionality into your ERP or accounting software allowing you to operate from your source system

  • Streamlined payment workflow

    Easily send payments to TD Bank, track their status and automate journal entries within the ERP

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With TD Embedded Banking you can:

  • Receive a TD Bank feed securely
  • Simplify and automate reconciliation process
  • Automate journal entries
  • Send payments digitally right from your ERP

Connect with a Treasury Management Officer to schedule your TD Embedded Banking demo 


TD Embedded Banking FAQs

TD Embedded Banking (EB) is a smart integration plugin into clients' existing accounting software and Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) that enables clients to conduct banking, payments and automate account reconciliation without almost no technical uplift.

The Embedded Banking plugin is ideal for Commercial Middle-Market or Small Business clients with NetSuite®, QuickBooks® Online, Sage Intacct® and Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP payables processes.

Smart Integration: TD Embedded Banking works behind the scenes with select business ERP or Accounting software to bring together live banking and accounting data.

Easy Payments: Direct ability to pay bills through ACH, Wire2 and Check payments directly from your ERP or accounting software.

Near Real-time Transaction Information: See previous and intraday balances with near real-time transaction information, centralized within your accounting or ERP software.

Automated Reconciliation: Avoid manual file transfers and uploads from treasury platform to the ERP by delivering information reporting directly from TD into the ERP thereby automating the reconciliation process.

Easy Vendor Management: TD empowers our business clients to provide legendary experiences to their partners and customers through easy vendor management, fast payments, and flexibility.

Save Time and Money: Our clients have seen a massive decrease in the processing of payments before their Embedded Banking plug-in. What took 4-6 hours before may now only take 1-2 hours!

TD Embedded Banking plugin currently works with cloud versions of these ERPs with other ERPs to be onboarded in the future. 

  • NetSuite®
  • Sage Intacct®
  • Microsoft Dynamics (Business Central 365) v18 or higher
  • QuickBooks® Online

Current capabilities include:

Account Balances & Transactions: Bi-directional connectivity with the bank provides clients with full visibility into bank account balances and transactions, transaction details and remittance information. We also provide the data pre-formatted in an ERP system specific format for easier and faster reconciliation.

ACH Payment Initiation: Clients can make and approve bulk ACH payments.

Check Print: Clients whose business operations require them to make payments to vendors through checks can outsource this service to TD and make bulk check payments to all their vendors and recipients in just three clicks through the check print feature within TD Embedded Banking. This saves clients hours of commute and personnel cost in cutting checks, stuffing envelopes and dropping off at the post office. The check payment file is auto transmitted to TD Positive Pay team.

Bank Reconciliation: Automates reconciliation and journal entries.

Positive Pay: Positive Pay files can be transmitted directly to the bank from the user’s ERP.

If you are an existing client, reach out to your Treasury Management Officer to book a demo.

1Balance and transaction reporting currently available up to four times per day.

2Availability of wires through ERP expected Summer 2024.

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