TD Equipment Finance: Solutions to Help Businesses Grow

A specialized form of lending, equipment financing helps businesses and institutions across industries efficiently purchase or lease new equipment.

3 reasons to use TD Equipment Finance

  • Capital conservation to grow your business
    Use equipment financing to match the life of asset to the finance term, and use cash savings for other purposes
  • Fixed monthly payments for more manageable cash flows
    With tailored fixed payments you can better manage your budget
  • Tax benefits that work toward achieving your business's strategic objectives
    TD will work with you to determine the most efficient tax outcome

The TD Equipment Finance advantage

  • Service oriented

    Backed by the strength of TD Bank, we have the financial capacity to offer sizable funding at competitive pricing, along with a focus on industry leading best-in-class service.

  • Specialized offerings

    Our knowledgeable, dedicated team has deep industry experience working with large corporations, municipalities, healthcare, higher education, insurance, etc.—and is focused on all your business's equipment financing needs.

  • Integrated solutions

    Backed by the strength of a top bank, we offer comprehensive, customized and fully integrated solutions across a variety of industries.

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Broad industry reach

You'll benefit from our dedicated, relationship-centric approach to equipment financing, backed by industry expertise and extensive asset-class and collateral experience.

TD Equipment Finance lends across a broad range of industries including, but not limited, to:

  1. Government and municipal agencies
    Tax-exempt leases and loans supporting a wide range of equipment needs, including energy-savings projects

  2. Healthcare and higher education
    Taxable and tax-exempt lease financing – simpler and quicker than bond financing and better matches equipment useful life

  3. Transportation: trucking, rail and marine
    Offering Synthetic, TRAC and split-TRAC leases for over-the-road tractors and trailers, freight rail cars and brown water (non-oceangoing) vessels

  4. Insurance
    Non-admitted asset financing to improve Risk-Based Capital (RBC) position for new equipment or sale leaseback of existing assets

  1. Utilities and manufacturing
    Expertise in financing utility vehicles, industrial machinery, aerospace and defense, paper and packaging, etc.

  2. IT
    Customized loans and lease structures for computer and communication equipment needs including software

  3. Professional scientific and technical services
    Financing solutions for special instrumentation, lab and test equipment

  4. Retail and wholesale trade
    Capital to support transportation, warehousing and material handling equipment needs

Financing that supports your business goals

We work with small businesses to large corporations, municipal/government agencies and other industries to secure equipment financing to support a variety of business needs:

  • Construction and manufacturing
    Yellow iron and plant equipment
  • Surface transportation
    Railcars, vessels, trucks, trailers – TRAC and split TRAC leases
  • Aviation
    Corporate aircraft
  • IT and office furniture and equipment
    Laptops, servers, cloud storage
  • Healthcare information systems, equipment and emergency transportation
    Electronic Medical Records, Diagnostic (MRI, CT, PetCT, cath lab, ambulances, helivacs)
  • Energy-saving equipment and renewable energy options
    Retrofitting and upgrading of facilities (HVAC, lighting, windows, solar, etc.)

Our approach goes beyond simple financing to identify and craft customized solutions that can include:

  • Capital conservation to grow your business
  • Fixed monthly payments for more manageable cash flows
  • Tax benefits that work toward achieving your business's strategic objectives

Equipment Finance Solutions

We'll customize your financing options to best meet the current needs of your business.

  1. Express leases
    Quick and simple approval and documentation for leases/loans under $250,000

  2. Vendor leases
    TDEF partners with select manufacturers to increase their profitability

  3. Lease lines of credit
    A pre-approved lease line that makes it easy to draw from and add schedules with limited additional documentation

  4. Equipment loans
    Traditional financing to purchase the equipment your business needs

  5. Capital/finance leases
    Lessee keeps the tax benefit as the asset is recorded on balance sheet, choosing from fixed or minimal purchase option ($1.00) at end of the lease*

  6. Fair market value leases (including off balance sheet)
    Lease can be structured as off balance sheet for the lessee who has the flexibility to purchase the equipment for its fair market value, renew the lease or return the equipment at the end of the lease*

  7. Sale–leasebacks
    Increase your cash position by selling owned assets to TDEF and then leasing them back from TDEF

  1. Synthetic leases
    Lessee maintains tax benefits and gets off balance sheet treatment—with a pre-determined fixed purchase option at the end of lease*

  2. Tax-exempt loans and leases
    Reduced rates are available to qualified 501c3 non-profit businesses because interest is exempt from federal taxes

  3. Tax-oriented leases
    Lessor passes tax benefits to the lessee in the form of a reduced implicit rate*

  4. Terminal rental adjustment clause (TRAC) leases
    For qualified over-the-road vehicles where lessor passes tax benefits to Lessee and includes a predetermined, fixed end-of-lease purchase option*

  5. Split TRAC leases
    For qualified over-the-road vehicles where the lease can be structured so that a portion of the assets are recorded off balance sheet for the Lessee*

  6. Non-admitted assets lease
    Financing of new or existing qualified capital equipment under a lease line or sale-leaseback structure to help improve Insurance companies' Risk-Based Capital position*

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*All lease and loan products are subject to credit review and approval. Some credit restrictions may apply. Other terms and conditions may apply. Equal Housing Lender 

TD does not provide accounting or tax advice. You are advised to consult with your own accounting or tax professional before accepting any financial product.

TD Equipment Finance, Inc. ("TDEF") is a wholly owned subsidiary of TD Bank, N.A.

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