TD Payables

Maximize efficiency and control in your payment processes with our robust Treasury Management payables solutions.

The TD Payables advantage

Optimizing your payments processing can help you meet your business goals. Your dedicated Treasury Management Officer will develop strategies and offer proactive advice, taking the time to listen and learn about you and your business.

Maximize operational efficiencies with a full suite of financial solutions. As a TD Treasury Management customer, you'll have the resources of the entire bank at your service.

Our Treasury Management Services are backed by our standing as a top bank. Our strong financials allow us to stick with customers through economic and business ups and downs.

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TD Payables Solutions

Advance your payables processing with our flexible solutions.

TD Integrated Payables

TD ePayables

TD Commercial Plus Card

How it works

Bypass multiple initiation channels with an automated, end-to-end payments solution that covers check, ACH, wire and card payments.

Organize, control and streamline your payables with automated buyer-initiated (push) and supplier-initiated (pull) payments.

Flexible commercial card program that lets you take advantage of settlement float and a variety of card options. All with the support of a robust online reporting platform.


  • Increase accuracy and efficiency
  • Lower fraud risk and simplify reconcilement processes
  • Get real-time payment confirmations
  • Flexible, scalable and easy to implement
  • Qualify for rebates when spend thresholds are achieved
  • Improve working capital and control interchange
  • Reduce costs and simplify reconcilement
  • Increase control and reporting
  • Check out quickly and securely with contactless and chip technology.
  • Increase working capital
  • Lower processing costs and improve controls around spending, audit and fraud
  • Directly integrate spend data with A/P, ERP and expense reporting systems
  • Qualify for rebates when spend thresholds are achieved

TD Payables payment methods

In addition to fully integrated solutions, we also offer these payment methods:

  1. ACH services

  2. Wire transfers

  3. Controlled disbursement

  1. Full account reconcilement

  2. Partial account reconcilement

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