TD Receivables

Simplify billing, receive payments faster and accelerate revenue with our flexible, automated Treasury Management solutions.

The TD Receivables advantage

Highly configurable processing solutions that integrate across a range of platforms. As a TD Treasury Management customer, not only will you benefit from receivables, but you can also take advantage of other resources throughout the bank.

Effective, efficient solutions designed to meet your evolving business needs. Your dedicated Treasury Management Officer will develop strategies and offer proactive advice, taking the time to listen and learn about you and your business.

As a top bank, we're committed to Treasury Management Services. We work hard to bring you leading treasury solutions that help you stay ahead.

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TD Receivables Solutions

TD offers customized services and solutions to maximize your efficiency.

TD eBill

TD Healthcare Remittance Management

TD Digital Express

TD Integrated Receivables

How it works

Allow customers to set up one-time or recurring payments through your website with flexible payment options including ACH, debit card and credit card.

Manage paper and electronic payments and remittance data with this secure, automated system that allows you to see copies of checks and explanation of benefits (EOB) statements.

Scan and send all of your check deposits from any of your locations, without coming to a TD Bank.

An automated AR reconcilement service that aggregates all remittance and payment data into a single file, customized for your enterprise resource planning (ERP).


  • Get paid faster, reduce sales outstanding and improve cash flow
  • Simplify your operations by reducing paper process overhead
  • Reduce billing expenses and increase collection rates
  • Improve efficiency with quick access to payment history, ability to accept phone payments and robust online platform
  • Faster access to patient and billing information
  • Streamline revenue and simplify reconcilement with automated systems
  • Accelerate claim processing of all types
  • Improve archiving and reduce need for paper storage
  • Funds are available the next business day1
  • Save time and reduce administrative work
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Deposit checks on your schedule, not ours
  • Convenient for companies with multiple or distributed locations
  • Streamline the application of cash
  • Eliminate manual processes and minimize exception processing
  • Increase efficiency for more savings and productivity
  • Reduce risk and opportunity to reduce your days sales outstanding (DSO)

More receivables solutions

As part of your receivables processing solutions, you'll also have access to:

  1. Lockbox services: retail, wholesale and remote

  2. ACH services

  3. Wire transfers

  1. Vault services
  2. Smart safe with advanced credit

  3. Image cash letter service

More commercial banking solutions

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1See your Cash Management Master Agreement and Business Deposit Account Agreement for details.

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