TD Global Trade Finance

The TD Global Trade Finance advantage

In-depth industry expertise

You will work with locally trained and experienced Global Trade Finance Representatives in your area to help you navigate the global markets.

Integrated, customized solutions

With the resources of the whole bank paired with export financing expertise, you can access a full suite of financing capabilities tailored to your international business needs.

The strength of a top bank

With one of the highest credit ratings of North American banks, TD's strong financial position allows us to further the global sale of goods and offer risk mitigation and financing solutions.
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Customized, full-service support and services

Work directly with our Global Trade Finance Representative to promote the global sale of goods as well as risk mitigation and financing solutions.

  • Full suite of global financing capabilities
    Access a wide range of global trade finance products and services, all under the guidance of your Relationship Manager and along with the expertise of our Global Trade Finance team. We work closely with businesses, government agencies and institutions
  • Tailored risk support and mitigation
    Our Global Trade Finance team will help you manage political, credit and performance risk whenever you conduct business around the globe. We are geared to assist both importers and exporters in reducing risks associated with dealing internationally by structuring tailored risk mitigation solutions
  • Quickly and easily manage transactions online
    Our convenient online platform, TD Bank Trade, allows you to manage your import, export and standby letters of credit, as well as handle your import/export collections and bankers’ acceptances

TD Global Trade Financing Solutions

Our Global Trade Finance Representatives can guide you on how to structure transactions using full-service solutions that will serve the interests of both buyers and sellers.

Import Letters of Credit

TD Global Trade Financing Solutions item 1
How it works
TD issues a letter of credit on behalf of our customer, the importer. This assures payment to the exporter provided they comply with all terms and conditions.
  • Importer has control of the shipping documents and knows that shipment has occurred prior to payment
  • Increase efficiency with templates on TD Bank Trade for use with repeated suppliers

Export Letters of Credit

TD Global Trade Financing Solutions item 2
How it works
TD receives a letter of credit issued by a foreign bank and passes it along to our customer.
  • Substitutes the importer's credit risk with that of an internationally known bank
  • Primary payment vehicle for exporter
  • Ability to discount on accepted drafts expediting cash flow
  • Increase efficiency with electronic notifications through TD Bank Trade

Documentary Collections

TD Global Trade Financing Solutions item 3
How it works
TD acts as a collecting agent (for import collections) and as remitting bank (for export collections) in a transaction.
  • Documents and payment are controlled by the banks
  • Best for transactions with established customers
  • Increase efficiency with TD Bank Trade to manage your collections

Standby Letters of Credit

TD Global Trade Financing Solutions item 4
How it works
TD issues a standby letter of credit on behalf of our customer and agrees to pay the named beneficiary if a complying drawing is made against the letter.
  • Facilitating customers requesting Performance, Advance payment guarantees, Bid Bonds, and Direct Pays

EXIM Bank Working Capital Program

TD Global Trade Financing Solutions item 5
How it works
As a delegated authority lender, TD works with EXIM Bank to reduce risk and provide clients with favorable structure based on market conditions.
  • Exporters gain sales opportunities with increased working capital
  • Enables exporters to offer credit to the foreign buyer and mitigate risk
  • Customized financing solutions for exporters selling globally

Bankers' Acceptance

TD Global Trade Financing Solutions item 6
How it works
TD provides a short-term, fixed-rate loan used to finance trade-related transactions.
  • Lower cost and fixed-rate method of financing

TD Bank Trade

Improve efficiency with our online platform.

Get fast, simple and secure issuance and tracking of your global trade finance products, set up templates for repeat business, run daily reports and more.

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