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Expanded use of return code R17/return for questionable transaction

Effective June 21, 2019
  • This Rule expands the use of the existing return reason code R17 to allow the receiving financial institution to use this code to indicate they believed the entry was initiated under questionable circumstances
  • Using R17 for this purpose would require the use of the description "Questionable" in the Addenda Information field of the return to the Originating Bank and ultimately the Originator
  • This return code selection is optional, and at the discretion of the financial institution returning the entry
  • Potentially useful for a grouping of initiated items that may seem questionable in nature

Dollar limit increase for Same-Day ACH entries initiated

Effective March 20, 2020
  • This rule increases the Same-Day ACH Dollar limit for all Same-Day eligible items (both debit and credit) from $25,000 per item to $100,000 per item

Expanding access to Same-Day ACH later in the business day

Effective March 19, 2021
  • This new Rule extends the delivery deadline of Same-Day ACH items into the ACH network by 2 hours each business day, by creating a third Same-Day ACH window to the ACH Operators
  • There will be no new intraday memo post requirement by the receiving bank, as the item must post to the account as of the end of day of the effective entry date
  • This Rule change implementation is contingent upon timely notification by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors of changes to Federal Reserve services necessary to support the extension

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