Wealth Strategies for Business Owners

Comprehensive planning strategies for you and your business

As a business owner, your personal wealth plan needs to account for the equity in your business you've worked so hard to build. TD Wealth Private Client Group understands your needs and offers a holistic approach to the growth and preservation of your wealth.

With more than 150 years of experience working with business owners like you, we understand the crucial connection between your investment in your business and how it impacts your personal wealth planning.

See the big picture

Knowing that you have a strategy for your wealth can help you feel more secure and allow you to focus on enjoying your life and your continued success.

Your local Relationship Manager can customize strategies and is your connection to a broad range of internal and external specialists who can help:

  • Access credit and cash flow solutions
  • Create a wealth management strategy for you and your family
  • Provide guidance for creating a business succession plan
  • Offer advice to help protect against the unexpected
  • Explore the options available to you to offer attractive employee retirement benefits to your valued employees
  • Establish a wealth transfer plan

Planning for your entire financial picture

Credit and Lending

Access to liquidity is the lifeline for your business. But your assets may be tied up in the business, or you may hold a concentrated stock position that you can't sell. This can make it difficult to meet your personal financial needs and enjoy the wealth you've worked so hard to build.

You can enjoy a full range of banking and liquidity solutions that are appropriate for you with TD Wealth. Your dedicated Relationship Manager works with credit and lending specialists who can help you:

  • Obtain mortgages, home equity lines of credit, securities-based lending and other financing solutions
  • Cover your personal financial needs with deposit and payment solutions, as well as liquidity management

Wealth Planning

The value or equity of your company may represent a significant portion of your wealth, and your family’s finances may be closely tied to the business as well. That's why you need a strategy to address your entire financial picture.

Your Relationship Manager can help you:

  • Design a comprehensive financial strategy for your family that incorporates the value embedded in your business
  • Invest outside your business to diversify your assets and minimize risk
  • Save and invest for a comfortable retirement
  • Understand the strategies to help you prepare for the sale or succession of your business
  • Protect your family and assets with long-term care and insurance
  • Succession Planning

    Building a successful business leaves little time to appropriately plan for the future. You can create a business succession plan well before you’re ready to retire or sell with our help. Our planning is tailored to meet your unique needs and goals while reducing complexity and often reduces the costs involved with accountants, attorneys and business brokers.

  • Legacy and Philanthropic Planning

    As a business owner, your legacy includes personal assets as well as business ownership interests. A comprehensive estate plan can help you minimize the impact of estate taxes, leave a personal or charitable legacy and arrange for the distribution of your assets. Our team of experts can help you reach your goals with holistic and compassionate guidance.

Employee Benefit Plans

Generous benefits can be the key to long-term retention of your staff, and benefit plans can also offer tax savings. However, benefit plans can be confusing and sometimes the options may seem overwhelming.

You need guidance to help you determine what you can afford to offer and what plans provide the best options and solutions for your employees. Working with your local Relationship Manager, you can get recommended resources for:

  • Retirement plans including defined benefit and 401(k) plans
  • Employer-sponsored health insurance plans
  • Profit-sharing plans, stock option plans and others

Business Valuation

Working with your dedicated Relationship Manager, you can access a customized BizEquity Valuation Report for your business. The report provides you four different value determinations, as well as how your business ranks against 13 key industry performance indicators.

Determining what your business is worth can help you see the big picture of your organization and foster a deeper understanding of your largest asset. Your valuation report can also help you:

  • Ensure you have adequate insurance
  • Better plan for the future
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Identify ways to increase value

Contact your TD Wealth Relationship Manager for more information about a BizEquity Valuation Report.

Captive Specialty Practice

Captive insurance portfolios have unique characteristics and our Captive Specialty Practice seeks to provide preservation of capital while generating a return sufficient to support any payout requirements and operating expenses.

We specialize in providing Reg 114/Reinsurance Trusts and Investment Management for new captive formations to mature portfolios ranging from $1 million to over $180 million.

TD Wealth has a solid commitment to the captive insurance industry supported by our team of dedicated investment professionals. Depending on the needs of your captive business, our Captive Specialty Practice and its affiliates can assist you with a wide range of services to meet your unique needs.

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