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How it works

Grow your credit history or improve your credit score while earning rewards like Cash Back.

  • Your savings account secures your credit card
    When you apply for the TD Cash Secured Card, you'll also open a TD Simple Savings account to hold your security deposit.2 This means money in the savings account is held as collateral for the card
  • Your savings deposit is your credit line
    Once approved for the secured card, you'll open a TD Simple Savings account and have 15 days to deposit funds. These funds will be your credit line. So if you deposit $300, the limit on your card will be $300
  • Your savings account will be frozen, so don't overfund it
    Only deposit the amount you are approved for. If you are approved for $300 and deposit $700, your credit line will still be $300
  • Once you fund your card, you'll receive it in the mail
    When your savings account is opened, funded and frozen, TD Bank will mail your new secured card to you. Activate it and start building your credit
  • Use it just like any credit card
    Make purchases and earn rewards, all with the same convenience and security of a TD Bank Credit Card. Then, pay your bill each month
  • The key is to pay your balance on time each month
    If you use and maintain the card and keep it in good standing, you may be eligible to graduate to an unsecured TD Bank Credit Card2

Find out how to build or repair your credit

Understanding your credit score & report

Learn about your credit score and what steps you can take to improve it

Building a good credit score

Learn how to build and improve your credit

Credit scores & reports interactive guide

Get information on your credit score, how it’s calculated and how to protect it

Rates and fees for TD Cash Secured Credit Card

Rates and fees for TD Cash Secured Credit Card
Rates and fees
What you pay
Credit Line
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases
22.99% variable APR
APR for Balance Transfers
22.99% variable APR
Balance Transfer Fee
$5 or 3% of transfer whichever amount is greater
Minimum Interest Charge
APR for Cash Advances
25.24% variable APR
Cash Advance Fee
$10 or 5% of advance whichever amount is greater
Annual Fee
$29 annual fee*
Foreign Transaction Fee
Late Payment
Up to $37

Benefits with your TD Cash Secured Card

Digital Wallet

Add your TD cards to your mobile device to simplify your online, in-store and in-app purchases

Visa Zero Liability4

Enjoy Visa security on purchases, plus protection against unauthorized charges

Instant credit card replacement

If your card is lost or stolen, get an immediate replacement at a TD Bank

Contactless Payments

Learn more about the convenience and security of contactless payments

Apply for a TD Cash Secured Card

In person

Visit a TD Bank near you to apply and open a TD Simple Savings account.

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