Introducing TD Overdraft Relief1

New overdraft policies to help prevent fees

With TD Overdraft Relief1, we're evolving our services to give you even more flexibility—like no fee if you overdraw by $50 or less. Here's what else is included:
Standard Overdraft Service2 is automatically included. This may allow ACH payments, recurring debit transactions and personal checks to go through for a fee ($35), even when you're short on funds
You have the option to add Savings Overdraft Protection, which will automatically transfer cash from your linked savings account to cover an overdrawn checking balance for a small fee ($3)
You can opt into Debit Card AdvanceSM*, a service that may cover one-time charges to your debit card or ATM transactions, even if you're out of cash. (But heads up—there might be a $35 fee)
We won't charge more than 3 overdraft fees per day per account

TD Overdraft Relief1 is available for most TD Checking accounts.

Not sure which overdraft option is right for you?

Explore your options with our interactive tool and see which overdraft options work for your banking needs.

Looking for an account with no overdraft fees or services?

TD Essential Banking is a great starter account that only allows you to spend your available account balance

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Find an account that meets your needs and your budget with the perks you want and open an account online in minutes.

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