Banking built for real life—get a perfect fit

There’s a special place for just about everything in life, and people tend to keep the things they value most in places they trust the most. Same goes for your money—and your bank. A bank should fit your financial needs and your lifestyle—such a good fit, you’d never have to think twice about it.

Before choosing a bank that meets both your needs (and hopefully some wants, too), you first need to understand what those needs are. Figuring this out will set the stage for finding a bank that works best for you.

Online & mobile banking vs. in-person banking

Think about your personal preferences. Do you want a neighborhood bank that’s next door to your favorite coffee shop? Perhaps the convenience and efficiency of online and mobile banking are an absolute must-have. What’s your banking style?

  • “I love to visit my local bank. They take the time to get to know me.”
  • “There’s an app for that. I prefer to bank from the comfort of my phone.”
  • “Honestly, I enjoy both. Mobile banking is great for travel.”

Choose a bank that’s unique to you

Once you’ve got an idea of where or how you like to bank, think about your spending habits. Imagine all the places you go that require money. We’ll share a few prompts to get your gears turning.

  • Do you pay with cash, debit card or both?
  • Are you currently paying your bills online or through your mobile device?
  • Need an easy way to send money to family and friends?
  • Would a bank with nonstandard hours (not just 9 to 5 on weekdays) work better for you?

Different banks for different circumstances

Banking needs look different from person to person—and they change over time. Students look for banking conveniences that meet their needs, just as a single parent to 3 kids does, just like a newly married couple looking to open up a joint account, just like someone who’s closing in on retirement—you get the idea. Find accounts that are made with you in mind to get the most out of your banking.

Banking with a heart

One last thing to consider when choosing a bank is to put your money where your values are. Just like us, banks have different personalities. It’s nice when your financial partners align with your values.

For example, you may find a bank that offers a socially-conscious approach to managing finances—look for community-first lending programs or sustainable cash management services and investment products. Some banks give back to local charities and are actively committed to serving their communities. Check out your bank’s mission statement, and research to see if your values match up.

Your bank should be a good fit

A bank is your financial partner, and it should feel like the right fit. When making your final choice, look for a combination of features that suits your needs and lifestyle. Look for a financial partner that has friendly people, great rates, accessible accounts, low fees and easy-to-use features. Once you find that bank, you’ll know your money is in the right place.

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