Setting up the next generation

It's only human to think about the future—for ourselves, our children and our communities.

Cutting hair—and shaping a legacy

Brothers Jermaine and Damian have seen firsthand how one generation can boost the next. After all, their barbershop franchise No Grease! has roots in their mother's career. Now they're paying it forward, helping over 3,000 barbers-to-be hone their entrepreneurial spirits and invest in their futures.

Watch the videos to get to know the Johnson brothers—and the barbers they've helped along the way. 

Preparing for the future

Watch the inspiring stories of these No Grease! barbers looking ahead—and start thinking about your own plans for the future.

  • Roots in mentorship

    The Johnson brothers attribute their amazing journey to one thing: mentorship. Learn more about the twins' journey from aspiring entrepreneurs to seasoned mentors.

  • Helping future barbers get an edge

    The Johnson brothers' No Grease! barber school has become a hub of entrepreneurship that goes beyond hair. See how they've helped so many young barbers get a cut above.

  • A head for hair

    From his first (accidental) client to his more measured decision to team up with Damian and Jermaine, David Powell Jr.'s journey has been one of joy.

  • Reaching new heights with hair

    Young barber Tristan Walker is forging his path to independence—with a little help and inspiration from Damian and Jermaine.

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