Commercial Foreign Exchange Services

The TD Foreign Exchange Services advantage

Integrated, customized solutions

You can access our suite of FX products and services to help you manage risk and mitigate the impact of fluctuating currency rates, whether you transact in foreign currency once a year or every day.

In-depth industry expertise

You'll work with highly trained and experienced professionals who can provide insight on foreign exchange products and solutions.

The strength of a top bank

With one of the highest credit ratings of North American banks, TD's strong financials provide stability in a global market.
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Foreign exchange solutions

Whether you have operations in foreign countries, are exporting or importing goods, or send or receive wires or checks outside the U.S., you'll benefit from our customized, flexible solutions.

  • Tailored FX products and services
    Get the right solution for your risk tolerance, timeline and constraints, whether it's a straightforward currency conversion or a sophisticated hedging strategy
  • Simple and secure trading channels
    Trade through our online platform TDFXTM or by phone with our trading desk. Our expertise and economic insights can help you develop a customized, flexible strategy based on your goals
  • International FX payments
    Send or receive payments in over 40 currencies; upfront conversion into foreign currency may result in significant savings
  • Multi-currency accounts
    Open deposit accounts in a foreign currency to gain better control of your foreign exchange exposure, increase efficiency of payments, and eliminate the need for an overseas account
  • Trade online with TDFX

FX products

Work with a Foreign Exchange professional to choose the right option for your business needs.

Spot Contracts

How it works
Purchase or sale based on current value of foreign currency for settlement within two business days.
Buy or sell currency as you need it.

Forward Contracts

How it works
Purchase or sale of foreign currency for settlement on a future value date beyond two business days.
Protect yourself from future fluctuations in foreign currency rates by locking in a rate for delivery on a future settlement date.

Window Forward Contracts (Draw downs)

How it works
Purchase or sale of foreign currency for settlement in whole or in part over a customized range of future value dates.
Protect yourself from future fluctuations in foreign currency rates by locking in a single rate with flexibility to specify delivery over several settlement dates.

Foreign Exchange Swaps

How it works
Simultaneous purchase (sale) and sale (purchase) of foreign currency for two different value dates.
Enables you to reduce risk and limit trading costs by executing offsetting trades simultaneously.

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