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See rates and financing options to help you find the best home loan for your life and budget.

Explore financing options and find the best loan for your life and budget with a free online quote.

  • Buy a home
    Estimate your monthly payment and get customized options based on your needs and goals
  • Build or renovate
    Renovate your existing home or build a new one with a construction loan
  • Refinance
    Lower your interest rate or monthly payment, or shorten the term of your loan

Make a loan payment

Pay online

Pay from your TD Bank checking or savings account, or from another financial institution

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Pay using TD Bank’s fast, easy-to-follow automated system and make loan payments free of charge
1-888-751-9000 1-888-751-9000

Transfer money

Transfer your payment from your TD Bank checking or savings account to your TD Bank loan

Manage your application

Check the status of your application and review your documents.

Mortgages & Affordable Home Loan Options

Find out which lending option works for your financial needs and goals, whether you are buying or refinancing

TD Home Equity Line of Credit or Loan

Get the money you need to do the things you want – renovating your home, consolidating debt and more

TD Checking accounts

Choose the account that meets your banking needs and includes the perks you want
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