TD Small Business Overdraft Relief

Your business is moving fast. Life happens—and so do overdrafts. With a TD Small Business Checking account, you have options for what happens when you don't have enough funds to cover your transactions.

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All our Small Business accounts come with:

  • No fee if you overdraw by $50 or less
  • A Grace Period1 that gives you until 11 PM ET the next business day to fix an overdraft and avoid fees
  • Standard Overdraft Service: we may allow ACH payments, recurring debit transactions and checks to go through for a fee when you're short on funds
  • Discretionary Overdraft Service: we may authorize and pay one-time debit card or ATM transactions. A fee may apply. This is the default option on small business accounts

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How does my Grace Period work?


Our Grace Period1 gives you until 11 PM ET the next business day to fix an overdraft. Here's how it works:

  1. Make sure your available balance is at least $0 by depositing enough to cover the overdrawn balance plus any additional transactions (for example, a scheduled payment or a recent check), as of 11 PM ET the next business day2

  2. We'll refund the overdraft fee to your checking account as long as your available account balance is at least $02 at the end of the Grace Period

Learn more about Grace Period

Get all the details about how Grace Period works, including timelines, how you'll know if you have overdrawn your account, and your options to make your balance positive again.

Explore your additional overdraft options

  • Savings Overdraft Protection3

    • No annual fee, no transfer fees, and no credit approval
    • Choose this optional service to link your business checking account with a business savings account
    • If your checking account available balance is negative at the end of the day, we'll automatically transfer funds from your linked savings account to cover overdrafts
  • Overdraft Protection Line of Credit3,4

    • Know your account is protected should you exceed your checking account available balance, funds are automatically transferred
    • Subject to credit approval

Choose or change your overdraft options:

The fundamentals of TD Small Business Overdraft Relief

  1. What is an overdraft fee?
    An overdraft occurs when your available account balance is not sufficient to cover a transaction and the item is paid. There is a $35 fee per overdraft up to 5 overdraft fees per day per account

  2. How do overdrafts happen?
    An overdraft occurs when your available account balance is not sufficient to cover a transaction and the item is paid. If you overdraw your available account balance in your checking account by $50 or less, we won't charge you an overdraft fee. Find more about posting order in your account guide*

  3. What are overdraft services?
    They're the options you have for how you want TD Bank to manage your small business checking account in the case of an overdraft, including Standard Overdraft Service, Discretionary Overdraft Service3, Savings Overdraft Protection3 and Overdraft Protection Line of Credit3,4

  1. Are there tools to help track my spending?
    Keep track of your account activity and balance with the TD Bank app. You can also set up custom e-mail alerts at different balance levels to help you monitor spending in Small Business Online Banking

  2. I have a pending debit card transaction that made my account overdrawn- am I in a Grace Period?
    A pending debit card transaction will not initiate a Grace Period until it is posted. However, it can further reduce your available balance and will need to be taken into account when bringing your account positive again, if you are in a Grace Period. Once the debit card transaction is posted and no longer pending, if you are overdrawn by more than $50 without any same day deposits, you may be in a Grace Period. If your debit card transaction was authorized at the time you had sufficient funds in your checking account to cover the transaction but later posted when your account did not have sufficient funds, you will not be charged an overdraft fee. Keep up with your account via Online Banking.

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*View account guide for more details: TD Business Simple Checking, TD Business Convenience Checking Plus, TD Business Premier Checking, TD Business Interest Checking Plus.

1When items are presented for payment that result in your available Account balance being overdrawn by more than $50, Overdraft Grace provides you with an opportunity to receive refunds for overdraft fees if your available Account balance is at least $0, inclusive of any pending or posted items, at the end of the next business day. This service is not available to Business Checking on Account Analysis Billing.

2For the purposes of determining your available Account balance and processing items to your Account, including deposits made in an attempt to bring the available Account balance to at least $0, all items are processed overnight at the end of each Business Day (which excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and federal holidays). Items are processed, and funds are made available to your Account based on our Processing Order and Funds Availability Policies. Please see our Business Deposit Account Agreement for full details.

3This is not available for Business Checking on Account Analysis Billing.

4Subject to credit approval; please see credit agreement for applicable finance charges.