Small Business Loans and Lines of Credit

Whether you're looking to manage day-to-day expenses or want to expand your business, apply online for TD Small Business Loans and Lines of Credit that can help provide the financing you need.

  • Lines of Credit

    Access cash for frequent expenses that can be paid off quickly like inventory or payroll.

    With a TD Small Business Line of Credit, you'll get:

    • A competitive variable rate
    • Access to your money with checks or online transfers
    • Ability to pay down and reuse the line of credit
    • Interest-only payment option

    Ready to apply?
    Under $250,000: you can apply online.

    Over $250,000: apply in person at a TD Bank. Download application (PDF)


  • Loans

    Pay off a purchase over time, like a used vehicle or equipment, or another business.

    With a TD Small Business Loan, you'll get:

    • Flexible terms from 1 to 5 years
    • One-time disbursement of funds, provided at closing
    • Fixed monthly payments, amortized over the life of the loan
    • The benefit of an SBA Preferred Lender, who can review your application for additional SBA guaranteed options

    Ready to apply?
    Under $250,000: you can apply online.

    Over $250,000: apply in person at a TD Bank. Download application (PDF)

Mon–Fri, 8:30 AM–5:00 PM

SBA Loans

Get the money you need to grow

Enjoy flexible terms and preserve capital with an SBA loan from TD Bank, a Preferred SBA Lender.

  • Longer-term financing
  • Minimal equity requirements
  • Capital preservation
  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Faster access to loan proceeds
  • Start-up restaurant franchise lending

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Apply online

The fastest way to apply for loans and lines of credit under $250,000

Apply in person

Loans subject to credit approval. Other terms and conditions apply. Some credit restrictions may apply.

Online application is designed for lending needs up to $250,000. Excludes borrowing requests for total aggregate exposures more than $250,000, ACH Line, Letter of Credit, unsecured lending and entities with more than ten owners. For borrowing requests in excess of $250,000 in total aggregate exposure, please call 1-855-278-8988 to apply with a Small Business specialist. If you have an existing TD Bank business lending relationship, your new loan request plus existing loan request must be $250,000 or less. For revolving products, such as a business credit card or lines of credit, we consider your total credit limit. For non-revolving products, such as a term loan or commercial mortgage, we consider your total current balances. To apply for a loan request of greater than $250,000, please use our paper application that can be downloaded here or requested at any TD Bank location. For more information, please contact a TD Small Business specialist.

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