TD Business Early Pay 

Do more with your money. Get a jump start by receiving your eligible ACH payments up to 2 days early with TD Early Pay1 – no holds, fees or enrollment. Better flexibility and control. 

  • When we say direct, we mean it

    Cash flow is the pulse of your business. We make your funds available as soon as we have information about your incoming deposit. Giving you access to your money up to 2 days early

  • More than personal deposits

    Eligible deposits include government payments, tax refunds, investment dividends and annuity payments – and you can get it all faster with TD Early Pay

  • No enrollment

    TD Early Pay is automatic on eligible payments. Once we have the information about your incoming deposit, we'll make the funds available 

How it works

  1. Get faster access to your funds
    You'll automatically get your deposit up to 2 days early on eligible deposits1

  2. No strings attached
    TD Early Pay is completely free - $0 to enroll, $0 to get funds early 

  3. Skip the hassle
    TD Early Pay comes standard on any TD Bank Business Checking or Savings account, you're automatically enrolled

  1. Plan ahead with earlier payments
    Stop the cash-flow crunch and put your money to work faster

  2. It's more than personal deposits
    Eligible deposits also include government payments, tax refunds, investment dividends and annuity payments and more

TD Early Pay FAQs

TD Early Pay may make eligible ACH payment funds available in your account as soon as we receive the payment information from the payer—up to two business days early. 

TD Early Pay comes standard on all eligible TD Bank Business Checking and Savings accounts. 

Because delivery of your ACH payment depends on when we receive the payment information from the payer, you may receive your payment 2 days earlier, 1 day earlier or as regularly scheduled. Delivery may also vary from one deposit to the next. Here are some reasons you may not receive your pay early:

  • Your ACH payment isn’t sent earlier by your payer
  • Your ACH payment type isn't eligible, such as a bank-to-bank transfer
  • There’s a payment system issue from your payer
  • Other limitations we set on the account including standard fraud prevention

There is no additional cost for TD Early Pay. 

TD Early Pay is available on all TD Bank Business Checking and Savings accounts. 

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1Eligibility of ACH payments for early availability are limited to those coded by the originating financial institution as PPD (Prearranged Payment and Deposit), which are typically for payroll, government benefits, tax refunds and similar payments. All other ACH payment types, deposits or credits to your account, such funds from peer-to-peer payment services (e.g., Zelle®), checks or mobile deposits, and online transfers are not eligible for TD Early Pay. TD Bank does not guarantee that any ACH payments will be made available before the date scheduled by the payor, and early availability of funds may vary between ACH payments from the same payor. Early availability is subject to cut-off times, any limitations we set on the amount of early availability and standard fraud prevention screening.

If an ACH payment not made available early, it will be made available in accordance with our Availability of Funds Policy described in the Business Deposit Account Agreement (BDAA). Except as expressly set forth in the BDAA, funds made available early are subject to the same terms and conditions as other ACH payment to your account. If we’ve made funds available early and the payor reverses or requests a return of the payment, or the funds are otherwise uncollected by the Bank, you understand and agree that we may debit your account in accordance with our normal process, up to the amount of the payment that was previously made available – even if you have already  withdrawn the funds or it creates an overdraft on your account, without prior notice from us and at any time. In this instance, you are responsible for any fees assessed – including those charged by merchants or third parties – as a result of the overdraft. TD Early Pay is offered at the discretion of the Bank, and we reserve the right to cancel the service at any time and without notice to you.

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