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2023 tax returns are due April 15, 2024 (unless you request an extension)

Important dates – 2023 Tax Year

Remember: 1099-INT forms are only sent out if the interest earned is at least $10.

November to December

Double-check to make sure your mailing address is up to date.

Early January

We're getting your 1099 and 1098 tax forms ready. Keep an eye out for W2s from your employer.

Late January to early February

You should have received your 1099 and 1098 forms. Your tax forms are mailed by February 1st.

Note: 1099-INT forms are only sent out if the interest earned is at least $10.


Your tax forms arrive at home.

April 15, 2024

Your 2023 tax return is due April 15 (unless you request an automatic extension by this date).

Tax refund tips

Before you splurge, consider saving your tax refund for the future.

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Form 1099-INT is an IRS form issued by TD Bank and is used to report interest payments made by the bank to our customers. TD Bank follows all IRS standards and mails forms to customers in late January for the prior tax year.

If you earned $10 or more in interest for all your TD Bank account(s) and you are the primary owner of your account(s), you should receive your Form 1099-INT by early February.

Form 1099-INT may also be issued to Customers that negotiate U.S. Savings Bonds with TD Bank during the calendar year.

Learn more about Form 1099-INT*

$10 minimum requirement
Form 1099-INT is produced if the aggregated interest earned for a particular Tax ID number is $10 or more. For individuals, the Tax ID number is typically your Social Security number.

Primary owner requirement
Only the primary owner will receive a Form 1099-INT. If you are listed first on an account, you are considered the primary owner. You may co-own an account(s) with another person – spouse, partner, child, etc. If they are listed second on the account, they would be considered the secondary owner.

Typically, TD Bank mails 1099 tax forms to applicable customers in late January. If this applies to you, then you can expect to receive your tax information within the first two weeks of February.

To issue you a Form 1099-INT, TD Bank reviews all of your account relationships (interest-earning accounts like checking, savings, money market and CD accounts) and sends one Form 1099-INT to cover all of your accounts in which you are the primary owner.

Special note about Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)
IRAs do not receive a Form 1099-INT. Interest postings to IRAs are not reportable. However, distributions from an IRA are reported to you and the IRS on a Form 1099-R. This form is mailed out in late January for the prior tax year.

Remember: you can expect to receive a 1099-INT form if you earn at least $10 in aggregated interest on your account.

Typically, TD Bank mails 1099 and 1098 tax forms to customers in late January. If this applies to you, then you should receive your tax information within the first two weeks of February.

If you did not receive a 1099 or 1098 from us and you think you should have, please contact us by secure message using the instructions below. Remember, never send your account information or any other personal information by unsecured e-mail.

To send a secure message through the Online Banking Message Center:


  • Select the Customer Service tab
  • Under "Secure Message and Inquiries," select "Send a Message"
  • Under the "New Message to TD Bank Customer Service," select "General Customer Service"
  • In the Subject Line, enter "1099 or 1098 Request"
  • To expedite your request, please include the following information in the comments section of your message:
  1. Primary account number
  2. Account type (Savings, Checking)
  3. Address on tax form (for any 1099 corrections)
  4. Your current mailing address
  5. Any general comments to clarify your request
  6. You'll hear back from us by secure message within 24-48 hours
  • To view new messages:
  1. Log in to Online Banking
  2. Go to the message center
  3. Click "Read New Messages"

After you file your federal tax return, you can track the status of your refund online.*
If you specified that you want your federal tax refund to be directly deposited into your TD Bank checking or savings account, you can quickly see when your refund was deposited using TD Bank Online Banking.

  1. Log in to Online Banking

  2. Select the account

  3. On the "Account History" screen, view the "Pending Transactions" and "Account Details" tabs to see when the refund hit your account

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