Canada Small Business Financing Loan1 (CSBFL)

Start or grow your business with a Canada Small Business Financing Act Loan.

A financing option through TD and the Government of Canada that can help you fund the purchase or improvement of land, buildings, and equipment. It can also help you fund intangible assets and ongoing day-to-day operating expenses.

Here's what you get

  • Total loan of up to $1,000,0002 with the following subcategories:
    • Up to $1,000,0002 in financing to buy or improve real property
    • Up to $500,0002 in financing for equipment and/or leasehold improvement of which up to $150,0002 can be used to finance intangible assets and/or working capital
  • Financing available for up to 90% of the "Eligible Costs"3 of assets financed
  • Amortization on loans for equipment, leasehold improvements, intangible assets, working capital and real property secured or owner-occupied real property improvements up to 15 years. A repayment schedule reflecting an amortization of up to 25 years may be available for real property loans4
  • Competitive fixed and floating interest rates are available with monthly repayment frequency
  • Personal guarantee required, starting at 25% of the loan amount5
  • One-time Federal Government registration fee of 2% of the loan amount. You can pay the fee upfront or include it in your loan amount, provided you do not exceed the maximum limit of the corresponding loan category

Government loan requirements6 for a CSBFL

  • Your business operates or is about to operate in Canada
  • Your business’ annual gross revenue is less than $10 million in the year you apply
  • Your business is for profit, and is not a farm, charity, or religious enterprise

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