Investment Types

As an online investor, you have an opportunity to choose from an array of investment types to suit your goals. TD Direct Investing offers investment options that include stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, GICs, fixed income investments, and options trading. Investment types differ by their risk level and the potential for growth. Some investment types may enable an investor to take greater control, while others require minimal hands-on management. Discover the investment type that can work best for you.

Actively manage your online investments through stocks or equities

  • Own part of a publicly traded Canadian or U.S. company
  • Benefit from potentially collecting dividends and the potential for shares to appreciate in value.

Purchase bundled assets with one ETF transaction

  • Diversify across the market without buying individual stocks
  • View prices in real-time during the day

An alternative way to invest and track the performance of crypto, without the hassle of owning it directly

  • Build your Crypto knowledge and be confident in your strategy
  • Crypto ETFs are simple to trade like buying and selling shares of your favourite stocks

Invest in a group of securities that are actively managed by professionals

  • Buy into different industry sectors without having to pick individual stocks
  • Diversify according to your personal investment strategy

Get steady, pre-determined payments with a fixed rate of return

  • Invest in the money market, bonds, or fixed income GICs
  • A stable stream of income with a variety of maturity options

Receive a guaranteed amount at the end of each GIC's term

  • Purchase GICs online from any TD Direct Investing account
  • Choose from multiple interest payment options

Buy or sell a contract to trade an underlying security at a pre-set price

  • Potentially earn from an underlying asset's movement in price
  • Discover the benefits as well as the risks

Participate in New Issues with ease

  • Enjoy 24-hour access to New Issues Centre
  • Review New Issue offerings and place 'Expressions of Interest'

Education and Inspiration

Be empowered by gaining more knowledge about investing, asset classes, investment profiles and more

  • Choose your own pace to view TD Direct Investing's interactive self-guided learning that's available for any level.

  • Stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, GICs – what's the difference? Watch our video to learn more about these common investment products as you explore how to start investing.

  • Want to learn how to start investing, but unsure how it will fit into your life and overall financial picture? Watch our video to learn about some factors you might want to consider before you begin investing.

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