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Unlock your trading potential

  • Your portfolio can be a powerful borrowing tool
  • Access to TD Active Trader and Advanced Dashboard
  • Access to sophisticated strategies such as multi leg options

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Take on the markets. Starting here.

  • Make your cash account count
  • Quick and easy to get started
  • Invest on your terms in Canadian and US markets

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The TFSA built for investors

  • You can grow your investments tax-free
  • Select your investments and take advantage of market opportunities.
  • Catch up on unused contribution room

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Upgrade your retirement saving to retirement investing

  • Defer your taxes not your retirement goals
  • Control your retirement portfolio
  • Trade across markets in US and Canada

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Give your child a head start. Starting now.

  • Investments can grow tax deferred
  • Use government grants to help grow your education savings
  • We take care of the administration work

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You may have retired, but your investments haven't

  • Gains can continue to grow tax deferred in your RIF*
  • Manage your withdrawals to match your needs
  • Also available: Prescribed Retirement Income Funds (PRIF)*

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Take control of your retirement investments

  • Actively manage your tax-sheltered savings
  • Also available: Restricted Locked-in Retirement Savings Plans (RLSP) and Self Directed Locked-in Retirement Savings Plan (LRRSP)*

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Reap the benefits of your retirement strategy

  • Keep your investing momentum
  • Control the outcome of your retirement income
  • Also available: Locked-In Retirement Income Funds (LRIF)* and Restricted Locked-In Retirement Income Funds (RLIF)*

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Build a strong portfolio for a stronger future

  • No annual contribution limit
  • Defer taxes while growing your investments
  • You may be eligible for government assistance

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