Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Invest in tomorrow, while saving on your taxes today

  • An RRSP is a savings plan that lets you save for retirement on a tax-deferred basis, so your money could grow faster!

  • Find out what your annual RRSP contribution limit is, the penalty for over-contributing, and what happens to unused contribution room.

  • Choose from a range of RRSP options at TD, to help meet your retirement goals.

  • Understand the rules and regulations on making RRSP withdrawals.

Benefits of RRSPs

  • Tax deductions

    Contributions can reduce your taxable income, lowering the tax you pay.

  • Tax deferral

    Your investments can grow, tax-deferred, while in the RRSP.

  • Income splitting

    The higher income-earning spouse or common-law partner can contribute in their spouse's or common-law partner's RRSP.

  • Canadian government programs

    Access funds in your RRSP to help buy your first home or pursue further education.

Wondering how much to save for retirement?

We're here to help.

Use our Retirement Savings Calculator to estimate how much you’ll need to save to reach your retirement goals.

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Ways to Apply

  • Meet with an advisor

    Speak with a banking specialist in person at a branch closest you.

  • Call us

    Our banking specialists are ready to answer your questions and can assist you in opening an account.

    Personal Investing:

    Direct Investing: 1-800-465-5463

  • Do it yourself

    For Direct Investing, it's easy to open a cash, margin, RSP, TFSA or RESP account.

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