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To thrive in all aspects of your financial life, we believe you must have a comprehensive plan. Our advisors can design a tailored wealth plan that helps you build, preserve, and share your wealth as you see fit. Our balanced approach to managing your finances is carefully crafted with your goals and complex needs in mind.

Key financial services to drive your success

Building wealth starts with a solid plan

  • TD Wealth advisors include key steps in wealth planning. They help:

    • Assess your current financial situation
    • Define your financial goals and propose strategies to achieve them
    • Monitor and adjust your wealth plan when needed
  • Using tools and valuable insights, TD Wealth advisors:

    • Look for potential financial risks that may arise and ways to mitigate them
    • Use the Wealth PersonalityTM assessment to foster more effective decision-making
    • Stay on top of market changes to ensure you're maximizing opportunities

Have your money work for you

  • Relieve the stress that can come with investing and work with your TD Wealth advisor to:

    • Construct a portfolio that aligns with your goals, risk tolerance, and timelines
    • Manage potential risks by creating a diversified portfolio
    • Adjust your investments as your objectives or the market changes
  • TD Wealth advisors can help you achieve broader financial goals such as:

    • Protecting your assets from potential risks
    • Giving to charity and optimizing your taxes
    • Planning the retirement that you dream about

Leave a legacy

  • It takes meticulous planning to pass on your assets in the most tax-efficient way. TD Wealth advisors can:

    • Guide you on the legal documents needed to transfer wealth easily
    • Advise on how trust services can benefit you and your heirs
    • Provide strategies to help safeguard assets and potentially minimize estate taxes


    Explore estate and will planning

  • Setting up trust services requires the help of knowledgeable professionals. TD Wealth advisors can help:

    • Define the terms of the trust based on your guidance
    • Manage the trust in the best interest of the beneficiary
    • Distribute and administer the trust according to the terms

Preserve your wealth with tax-efficient strategies

  • TD Wealth advisors will:

    • Stay on top of tax legislation to ensure you don't miss opportunities of reducing tax liability 
    • Recommend investment accounts that defer taxes to help save for retirement and other expenses
    • Provide insights into structuring activities to help minimize taxes
  • Some strategies TD Wealth advisors use to reduce taxes on income are:

    • Income splitting, where a household has varying incomes
    • Optimizing charitable giving and taking advantage of deductions
    • Opening tax-free accounts to cover specific expenses, like Health Savings Accounts

Support can be a catalyst for financial success

Achieve what matters with forward-thinking advisors

Our advisors can bring clarity to questions you may have and provide insights on topics you may not be aware of.  

Solutions to ignite your success

  • Get exclusive benefits and personalized support from our Private Bankers.

  • Work with our advisors to develop practical solutions for challenges you may face as an ultra-high-net-worth client.

  • Experience the gratification of leaving an unforgettable legacy. Get help integrating giving into your wealth plan.

  • TD Wealth Private Investment Advice

    Work with a dedicated Investment Advisor to uncover how your money-making decisions can impact your investments. 

  • TD Wealth Private Investment Counsel

    Access tailored wealth investment strategies meticulously designed to help minimize risk and increase assets. 

  • TD Wealth Private Trust

    Have confidence knowing that we're overseeing and administering your trusts within the parameters you've outlined.

What to expect when working with us

  • Initial discovery

    Our in-depth discovery process focuses on understanding your priorities and goals in order to better support them.

  • Seamless onboarding

    Your TD Wealth advisor will help you transfer funds and structure your investment portfolio through step-by-step onboarding.

  • Personalized strategies

    Get holistic wealth management strategies tailored to your goals with exceptional investment management expertise.

  • Proactive reviews

    Get curated insights, timely updates, and regular reviews of progress towards your goals and adjust as your needs evolve.

Frequently asked questions

Private Wealth Management is a comprehensive and tailored approach to managing the finances of high-net-worth individuals. It incorporates wealth planning, investment management, private banking, estate and trust planning, philanthropy and more. Advisors work closely with clients to build a financial roadmap that helps them achieve their short- and long-term goals.

A TD Wealth advisor can design a plan to help you meet your financial goals. They'll coordinate with other TD Specialists to ensure they cover the key aspects of your finances, including financial planning, retirement, estate and tax planning, investment management, and more.  

The minimum requirement for Private Wealth Management is $1,000,000 CDN in investable assets.

When you meet your advisor, expect to have a detailed conversation about your finances, wealth goals, and priorities. The more you share, the more comprehensive your plan will be.

First, think about what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it, then find an advisor.

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