Business Investing

Guaranteed Investment Certificates

Safe and secure investment options that come with principal protection and flexible terms from 30 days to 5 years. TD has a range of GICs available including Cashable, Non-Cashable, Market Growth and Foreign Currency.

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TD Direct Investing

Invest for yourself with the power of TD Direct Investing. Whether you’re new to online investing or an experienced investor, we provide you with the tools and support you need to help you succeed. Put your money to work with a variety of TD Direct Investing account options both registered and non-registered. We provide you with flexible investment choices and competitive commissions.

Money Market Investments

Invest for the short term, while having access to your funds with Treasury Bills, Money Market Strips, Commercial Paper and Bankers Acceptances. Get fixed rates of return that may be higher than traditional savings account.

Fixed-Income Investments

Secure longer-term investments that provide a guaranteed return when held to maturity. Fixed Income investments are an effective low-risk option, offering access to your money when you want it. Products include federal and provincial bonds and stripped bonds. A TD representative can help you choose the right product to fit your business’ financial goals.

Personal Investing with TD

TD offers many ways to invest your personal financial assets to help get the most out of your future goals. From registered investment plans and high interest savings accounts to Mutual Funds and precious metals, TD has plenty of options available to help you grow your money.

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