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Whatever your goals may be, we’re ready to help you achieve them with investment advice, guidance, and a range of registered and non-registered investment options.

First, determine the right plan for your financial goal

When compared to non-registered products  our registered plans  can help you grow your money and achieve your goals, faster, through tax savings.


Great for: Individuals seeking a flexible way to save for any purpose.

Grow your money, tax-free, and make withdrawals at any time.1


Great for: Saving for retirement while receiving tax benefits.

Tax-deferred growth for retirement, a first home, or continued education.2

Great for: Canadians looking to purchase their first home.

The FHSA is a tax-free savings account designed to help Canadians reach the goal of home ownership.


Great for: Saving for a child's post-secondary education.

Save for a child's post-secondary education with eligibility for government grants.3

Great for: Those nearing retirement who have an existing RRSP.

Manage your retirement with a steady stream of income after you retire.

Great for: Canadians with disabilities and their families.

Tax-deferred growth for Canadians with disabilities and their families.

Then, discover the right investment products for you

We can help you find the right investment products for your goals and risk appetite.

  • Mutual Funds

    A portfolio of investable assets selected and managed by a professional fund manager.

    • Invest in professionally managed portfolios.
    • Pool your money with others, so you can access more options.
    • Your portfolio can contain bonds, stocks or other investable assets.


    Great for: Those seeking higher returns and comfortable with risk.

  • Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs)

    A GIC is a safe, secure way to help you reach your financial goals.

    • GICs are a safe way to save money because your initial investment (principal) is always protected.
    • Earn a guaranteed rate of return for the term of your investment.
    • Options include cashable and non-cashable GICs which can be locked in for multiple terms (from 30 days to 5 years).


    Great for: Those seeking modest returns with no risk.

We can help you plan for the future

  • Personalized investment advice

    We help you understand your options while working with you to build the right plan for your financial goals.

  • The right options

    No matter what type of investor you are, we’re ready with options to help you succeed.

  • Convenience

    The advice you want, on your terms. Call us Monday to Friday from 8am – 8pm to speak to an investment specialist in English, French, Mandarin or Cantonese.

Tools and Calculators

Articles and tips to help you get started

  • Get the full story on TFSAs and how they can help you achieve your financial goals faster.

  • Everything you need to know about RRSPs, so you can make the most of your savings.

  • Learn about mutual funds and how they can play an important role in your investments.


1,2,3 Subject to eligibility and conditions.

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