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What is Fundica?

  • AI-powered funding search engine that matches businesses with relevant government funding programs
  • Current government funding program destination
  • Funding results based on your business situation and needs

About Fundica

  • Quick and easy

    Once registered, you can discover relevant funding opportunities in under 30 seconds, all at no charge

  • Favourites saved

    Create a personalized list of funding programs that interest you and return to them later

  • Extensive

    Access municipal, provincial, and federal funding programs in Canada

  • Relevancy ranked

    View a range of funding opportunities for your business needs

Explore four funding types

Fundica helps you find the following types of government funding opportunities

  • Grants
    Grants are non-repayable financial contributions, generally awarded to support specific initiatives.
  • Tax credits
    Tax credits are expenditure refunds, potential tax reductions or credits to encourage certain investments
  • Loan guarantees
    Loan guarantees are agreements from a government to repay all or part of a loan amount in the event of default by the borrower.
  • Government loans
    Government loans are repayable credit facilities.

Find funding for your business

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How to find funding with Fundica


1. Go to Fundica's sign-up page

2. Enter your business information

3. View government funding programs