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Operating Credit can help to finance your company’s short term credit requirements, such as helping to provide working capital support for accounts receivable and inventory.

How it can work for your business:

  • The option to choose Canadian and U.S. Dollar Operating Lines
  • Letters of Credit are also available to help facilitate payments of goods and/or services between businesses involved in domestic or international trade

Finance your company's owner occupied or investment real estate, machinery and equipment, or restructure your debt. Term Loans offer a potential solution for your company’s term credit needs, to assist in start-up, growth, or expansion.

How it can work for your business:

Asset-Based Lending is a form of commercial financing where collateral such as accounts receivable and inventory are used as security to provide companies with working capital.

Solutions that can work for your business:

  • Revolving lines of credit secured by accounts receivables, inventory, machinery and equipment, real estate and certain other property
  • Equipment lines of credit and term loans
  • Letters of credit
  • Owner-occupied commercial real estate mortgages

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Discover how TD Commercial Banking expertise can help in your particular industry.

TD goes deep in a broad range of sectors:

From personal banking to helping Indigenous governments and businesses with complex commercial and wealth management advice, we offer a range of solutions.

Export Development Canada (EDC) assists Canadian companies pursuing international business opportunities by providing insurance, guarantees, and financing that complement business banking relationships with lenders such as TD.

EDC provides innovative financing and risk management solutions that allow lenders, such as TD, to provide businesses with additional access to credit 3:

  • Export Guarantee Program (EGP)

    EGP helps businesses access additional credit by providing lenders, such as TD, with guarantees for financing related to export-related activities, including work-in-progress and foreign inventory, operating lines of credit and foreign investments.

  • Account Performance Security Guarantee (APSG)

    APSG is a working capital solution for exporters who must offer bonds and Letters of Credit to customers and/or foreign suppliers by assisting in providing security to TD.

  • Accounts Receivable Insurance (ARI)

    ARI provides businesses with protection from losses due to non-payment by foreign buyers, customer bankruptcy, refusal to accept goods, political unrest, and in some cases, contract cancellation.

  • Foreign Exchange Facility Guarantee (FXG)

    FXG helps to minimize the need for businesses to provide security such as cash collateral, current assets or personal guarantees to lenders, such as TD, when establishing foreign exchange facilities.
    Learn more about Export development Canada (EDC)

We can help you explore your options in the capital markets and assist you in developing a financial plan that meets the needs of your company.

How it can work for your business:

  • Private placements of debt or equity
  • Mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts and/or succession planning, and sale of a business
  • Public equity

Our dedicated risk management specialists customize solutions to reduce risk and advise on market strategy and execution of swaps, options and structured solutions.

How it can work for your business:

  • Swaps: Convert your company’s floating rate debt into an instrument that is effectively a fixed rate debt to protect against rising interest rates
  • Interest Rate Caps: Protect your company against rising interest rates by capping the interest rate on your floating rate loan
  • Interest Rate Collars: Limit your interest rate risk within a known range

We can help you maintain your competitive edge by offering quick implementation on a suite of equipment leasing and financing products tailored to your business needs – whatever your industry.

How it can work for your business:

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Finance equipment to modernize your capital assets
  • Enhance the value of your business

Financing options:

  • Private placements of debt or equity
  • Mergers and acquisitions, management buyouts and/or succession planning, and sale of a business
  • Public equity

Did you know?

“55% of Canadian CEOs are actively engaged with suppliers on joint ventures, strategic alliances and / or
informal collaborations.”
 – PWC 2015 Canadian CEO Survey

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