Business Credit Life Insurance1

Protection that can offer financial security for your business

Ensures the financial obligations of your business are met in case of death or accidental dismemberment of someone essential to the business2.

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Features and benefits

  • Life and accidental dismemberment protection
    Business credit life insurance provides life and accidental dismemberment protection
  • Benefit up to $1 million per insured person
    It can equal the balances on your eligible reducing credit products, plus the limits on your eligible revolving credit products3
  • Competitive group rates
    Get lower rates for groups, plus additional discounts for non-smokers. Please refer to the product guide for details. The monthly premium rates are calculated per $1,000 of coverage

How your premiums are calculated

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To calculate the monthly premium for each Insured Person, find the applicable rate in the product guide. Multiply it by the average amount of coverage during the month. Divide the answer by 1,000 and applicable provincial taxes4

For a male non-smoker5 , aged 35, whose business has a loan with an average balance for the month of $47,500 with an equal amount of coverage, the premium is:
$0.12 x $47,500 ÷ 1,000 = $5.70/month plus applicable provincial sales tax.

Protect what’s important today.

The certificate of insurance

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The certificate contains a complete list of benefits, eligibility, exclusions and limitations.

Protection for your business – Product Guide and Certificate of Insurance (March 2018) 

Quebec Residents: Please also refer to: Protection for your business – Distribution Guide and Certificate of Insurance (March 2018) 

Note: This is the current product guide/distribution guide and certificate of insurance in use by TD Bank. For a copy of a certificate prior to the effective dates above, contact us.

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