Making Payments

Pay bills, employee payroll, business taxes, and make international payments with confidence. Take advantage of our wide range of options to make payments, all with enhanced security features to help keep your funds safe, your business transactions secure, and gain better control of your cash flow.

Who would you like to pay?

Pay Employees

Benefits of paying employees online

Pay employees efficiently with a range of online payment solutions.

Automate payments easily and manage your cashflow.

Paying employees online is safe and secure.

Interac e-Transfer®

Send Money – pay employees online

Recipients get an email or text message notifying them of your payment, and they can deposit the funds into a bank account at their own participating Canadian financial institution1.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • are looking to make infrequent and small amount payments
  • want to pay anytime, anywhere in Canada using EasyWeb or TD app2
  • want to transfer funds without their recipients' banking information

Direct Deposit

Always make your payments on time

Make single or recurring domestic bill or invoice payments using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Service at participating Canadian financial institutions1.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • need to pay recurring, fixed, or variable payments
  • need to pay in CAD or USD


Flexible, scalable payroll and HR solutions

Regardless of the size of your business or complexity of payroll needs, our Small Business Account Managers can introduce you to Ceridian®, the solution that lets you manage your payroll efficiently and effectively.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • want to save time and money
  • want to generate a Record of Employment upon request
  • want to reconcile payroll and make Receiver General remittances so they won't miss payment deadlines and incur late penalties

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