Receiving Payments

Easily accept payments quickly to optimize your cashflow, regardless of how your customers pay you, and process the payments seamlessly.

Cheque Payments

Benefits of TD Cheque Solutions

Offer your customers the flexibility to pay the way they want with a variety of cheque deposit services.

Manage your cash flow and accelerate your business's paper-based account receivables.

Make safe, secure deposits at your convenience.

TD Mobile Deposit

Make deposits on the go

Make mobile deposits to your business account5 on your own schedule by taking a photo with a compatible mobile device4 and the TD app.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • want to access mobile deposit history through the TD app for up to 30 days, or up to 6 months through EasyWeb
  • receive smaller cheque deposit volumes or amounts
  • want to view funds available for immediate use before completing their deposit
  • require same-day deposit for cheques deposited on a business day by 11:59 pm (EST)6

TD Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Deposit multiple cheques right from your office7

Scan, transmit and deposit up to 250 eligible cheques at a time using a computer and a compatible scanner8.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • receive large monthly cheque volumes
  • require customized deposit limits based on the business needs
  • need to deposit cheques from multiple different locations
  • want to segregate responsibilities using customized user access and administrative rights to suit their business requirements

Lockbox Service

Process high volume of cheques

Your customers mail their cheques to a PO Box. TD gathers and processes the payments, credits your business account, and provides information to update your accounts receivable system.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • have payments originate from many points across the country
  • have high dollar amounts with a single cheque referencing multiple invoices
  • want to consolidate total daily receipts into a single deposit
  • require access to images (including cheques, invoices, correspondences)

TD Express Deposit Service

Securely deposit cash and cheques 24/7

Simply drop off cash and cheques at a branch’s secure depository unit and we’ll process the deposit. Or, arrange for an armoured car to pick up your deposit and deliver it to our centralized processing facility.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • want to deposit at their own convenience outside of regular business hours
  • want to eliminate the risk of keeping cash on premises overnight.
  • want to save time by not waiting at the branch while their deposits are verified and processed

Payment Processing

Get the advice and support you need to successfully run your retail, restaurant, auto, professional services, or personal care business with our range of wireless, mobile, and online POS solutions.

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