Receiving Payments

Easily accept payments quickly to optimize your cashflow, regardless of how your customers pay you, and process the payments seamlessly.

Select a payment method

Online payments

Benefits of online payment solutions

Offer your customers the flexibility to pay online and help grow your business with improved cashflow.

Track incoming payments and have access to your money when you need it.

Enjoy peace of mind with secure transaction processing and a suite of fraud prevention tools.

Interac e-Transfer® - Request Money

Make it easier to get paid

Your customer receives a text or email notification of your request, which they can pay through their own participating Canadian financial institution1 with Interac e-Transfer®.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • are looking to collect money anytime, anywhere in Canada using EasyWeb or the TD app2, subject to applicable limits*
  • want funds transfer without sharing banking information
  • require notification when funds are deposited
  • want to send reminders to recipients to send money

Interac e-Transfer® - Receive Money - Direct to Account

Get paid in real time

Interac e-Transfer® is a fast and secure way to receive money directly to your bank account, in real time, when you provide the sender with your bank account information.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • want payments deposited directly to their bank account in real time
  • want to eliminate the need to answer a security question
  • don't want to manage their email inbox or text messages to receive payments

Senders may have the choice to include additional remittance details with the payment (e.g. invoice and purchase order information), to help make reconciliation easier.

Interac e-Transfer® - Autodeposit

Get paid faster

Set up Autodeposit using your email address and your preferred Canadian dollar business account, so money sent to you using Interac e-Transfer® can be deposited into that account automatically3.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • want payments deposited automatically to their account
  • want to eliminate the need to answer security question
  • want funds transfer without sharing banking information

Pre-authorized Debit

Accept recurring domestic payments

Directly deposit payments to your business account using the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Service from participating Canadian financial institutions1.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • need to receive recurring fixed or variable payments
  • run a subscription-based model
  • need to collect payments in CAD or USD

Online Bill Payment

An easy way for your customers to pay you

Become an available bill payee via Bill Payments on TD EasyWeb or the TD app2 along with other participating financial institutions' online banking platforms.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • want to receive payments electronically
  • want their customers to be able use an online or mobile banking platform, and set you up as a payee
  • have customers who bank with various financial institutions
  • require remittance reporting for their business processes


Be open for business with TD Online Mart

Create a seamless purchase experience on your website or mobile application with our secure PCI-compliant payments solution.

Ideal for businesses that:

  • want to offer a range of payment options to their customers, including mobile wallets
  • want secure transaction processing and a suite of fraud prevention tools
  • require easy-to-use reporting capability

Payment Processing

Get the advice and support you need to successfully run your retail, restaurant, auto, professional services, or personal care business with our range of wireless, mobile, and online POS solutions.

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