A Small Change Now Can Make a Big Impact Later

The expression “think globally, act locally” is often heard when talking about climate change

As a small business owner in the heart of your community, you are uniquely positioned to make a greater impact by adopting some environmentally friendly practices.

So what are some of the ways your small business could help the environment and possibly benefit financially at the same time?

Potentially cost-effective, eco-friendly business practices

  • Reducing your business’ energy consumption
  • Reusing or cutting back on materials, such as paper and office supplies
  • Streamlining transportation costs by walking, cycling, using public transportation or electric and fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Meeting with clients virtually, rather than in person

Boost your brand and retain employees

Adopting environmentally friendly practices may also help you attract new customers and retain employees:

  • Your business may see increased demand from consumers who want to support green businesses
  • Being eco-friendly can help improve employee morale and retention, as employees may choose to work for businesses that reflect their values

Taking your small business in a greener direction doesn’t have to be a journey you take on your own.

How to market your green credentials

Of course, it’s important to tell staff, customers and suppliers about your environmentally friendly practices. Talking up your eco-friendly practices may lead to partnerships on sustainability initiatives and help you get your message out to an even wider market audience. Here are some tips that could help you market your brand and its green credentials:

  • Craft simple and transparent environmental messaging on your website
  • Share information about your eco-commitment on your social media accounts
  • Write a press release detailing your small business’ commitment to environmental sustainability
  • Educate your staff about your eco-friendly commitments

Getting the extra help you need

Taking your small business in a greener direction doesn’t have to be a journey you take on your own.

The federal government has services and information that could benefit your small business.

And, if you’re looking for banking solutions tailored to your unique needs, find an Account Manager near you and talk to us today. We’re here to help you build your business.

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