Managing Your Business

Invest in the future of your business by looking for ways to increase productivity, manage employees and payments, explore expanded business services, access foreign exchange services, and take steps to protect yourself from fraud.

Bank smarter with TD products and services that work hard for you, and discover tools and resources to help you manage your business more effectively. No matter what industry you're in, talk to one of our Small Business Account Managers today.

Cross-Border Banking

If your business depends on cross-border banking, we can help mitigate foreign currency exchange rate risks by providing foreign exchange and wire payment services when converting and making payments.

Wire payments deliver funds electronically and are a fast way to send money. Foreign exchange services include cashier's cheques and international drafts available in major foreign currencies.

If you're managing international markets, get competitive exchange rates and cross-border banking options with TD.

Wire Payments

Send Canadian or foreign currency payments almost anywhere in the world to the payee's account via Web Business Banking with wire payments.

Available in over 25 currencies, they're ideal for businesses that need:

  • to make payments outside of Canada
  • to make payments without coming into a branch
  • an expedient, secure option for making large value payments with confidence

Foreign Exchange Services

If your business has international partners, suppliers, or clients, consider your options from our foreign exchange services:

  • Wire Transfers in over 25 foreign currencies
  • TDFX® our online foreign exchange trading app
  • Letter of Credit for imports and exports
  • TD U.S. Dollar and Foreign Currency Term Deposits
  • Foreign currency bank drafts as an alternative to cash or cheque
  • Find a foreign exchange centre near you for over 50 foreign cash currencies at competitive rates

Tools & Calculators

Products and services to help manage your business

  • Business Credit Cards

    Keep track of expenses, build up company credit history, and earn rewards or cash back.

  • Receiving & Making Payments

    Easily accept payments to optimize cashflow regardless how your customers pay you and process the payments seamlessly.

  • Small Business Bank Accounts

    Discover the benefits of a TD Small Business Bank Account to help you manage your business.

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