Managing Your Business

Invest in the future of your business by looking for ways to increase productivity, manage employees and payments, explore expanded business services, access foreign exchange services, and take steps to protect yourself from fraud.

Bank smarter with TD products and services that work hard for you, and discover tools and resources to help you manage your business more effectively. No matter what industry you're in, talk to one of our Small Business Account Managers today.

Managing Employees

Running a company takes a lot of effort. If some of the business administration makes you feel like you're stretching yourself too thin, consider outsourcing those tasks to help you focus on what you do best.

TD can help you attract and retain key employees with a Group RSP, introduce you to Ceridian® for payroll solutions, and offers online payment solutions for paying employees.


Regardless of the size of your business or complexity of your payroll needs, our Small Business Account Managers can introduce you to Ceridian. Their flexible, scalable payroll and HR solutions let you manage your payroll efficiently and effectively.

Ceridian is ideal for businesses that want to:

  • save time and money
  • generate a Record of Employment upon request
  • reconcile payroll and make Receiver General remittances so they won't miss payment deadlines and incur late penalties

Paying Employees

Pay your employees securely and efficiently with a range of online payment solutions from TD.

Easily send money to your recipients' own participating Canadian financial institution1 by Interac e-Transfer® using EasyWeb or the TD app.2

Easily manage your cashflow and make payments on time with Direct Deposit.

Or contact one of our Small Business Account Managers to introduce you to Ceridian® for a solution that lets you manage your payroll effectively.

Tools & Calculators

Products and services to help manage your business

  • Business Credit Cards

    Keep track of expenses, build up company credit history, and earn rewards or cash back.

  • Receiving & Making Payments

    Easily accept payments to optimize cashflow regardless how your customers pay you and process the payments seamlessly.

  • Small Business Bank Accounts

    Discover the benefits of a TD Small Business Bank Account to help you manage your business.

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