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Investment Types

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Stocks or Equities

Actively manage your online investments through stocks or equities

  • Own part of a publicly traded Canadian or U.S. company
  • Benefit from potentially collecting dividends and the potential for shares to appreciate in value.

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ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

Purchase bundled assets with one ETF transaction

  • Diversify across the market without buying individual stocks
  • View prices in real-time during the day

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Mutual Funds

Invest in a group of securities that are actively managed by professionals

  • Buy into different industry sectors without having to pick individual stocks
  • Diversify according to your personal investment strategy

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Fixed Income

Get steady, pre-determined payments with a fixed rate of return

  • Invest in the money market, bonds, or fixed income GICs
  • A stable stream of income with a variety of maturity options

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Receive a guaranteed amount at the end of each GIC's term

  • Purchase GICs online from any TD Direct Investing account
  • Choose from multiple interest payment options

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Buy or sell a contract to trade an underlying security at a pre-set price

  • Potentially earn from an underlying asset's movement in price
  • Discover the benefits as well as the risks

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  • Building Your Investing Know-How

    Choose your own pace to view TD Direct Investing's interactive self-guided learning that's available for any level.

  • What are Asset Classes?

    Investments that share similar characteristics are grouped together under one umbrella – which is called an asset class.

  • What is Your Investor Profile?

    Different types of investors may invest using different investment types. Find out if you're a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor.

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