Fixed Income Investments

Providing base income for your portfolio.

What are Fixed Income investments?

A fixed income investment provides a fixed rate of return for a set period of time. Whether in bonds, GICs, or money market instruments, fixed income securities have less correlation with the stock market than equities – and can involve less risk. Fixed income can offer DIY investors the chance to diversify an online investment portfolio. These types of investments can provide a stable stream of income in fixed interest payments, returning your principal at the security's maturity.

Benefits of Fixed Income investments

  • Low risk

    Guaranteed initial investment plus interest income options

  • Flexible

    A variety of maturity and income options

  • Accessible

    Available for sale at market value when you want funds

Things to consider

Fixed Income investments can have some risk associated with interest rate changes that may affect their prices. They can also be affected by credit, inflation, liquidity or default risk.

Are Fixed Income investments right for me?

Fixed income investments may be right for an investor looking to help diversify their online investment portfolio. Fixed Income Investments may be considered by an online investor who is looking for security, a guaranteed return, and lower risk.

  • Choose from a variety of fixed income GICs, money market or bond products.
  • Benefit from knowing what income you will receive at what time.

Types of Fixed Income investments

  • Bonds – steady income from your bond of choice

    We offer government bonds including Canadian federal, provincial, strip and U.S. Also available are corporate bonds.

  • GICs – solid, secure and flexible

    GICs are guaranteed, lower risk investments that offer safety and security. GICs come in varying lengths, terms and cashability.

  • Money Market Instruments – secure and liquid

    These are short-term savings opportunities that can offer a higher rate of return than cash - in periods ranging from a day to a few months.

Discover more about Fixed Income

TD Direct Investing clients have access to the following resources and tools at the TD Direct Investing Fixed Income Centre in WebBroker:

  1. Buy, sell or request quotes for money market paper and bonds online

  2. Search for a bond that meets your needs

  3. Find prices, yields and credit ratings on hundreds of bonds and money market instruments

We offer the following bonds:

  1. Government of Canada bonds

  2. Government agency bonds

  3. Provincial and Municipal bonds

  1. Investment Grade Corporate bonds

  2. Strips (Zero Coupon) and Residual bonds

  3. U.S. Pay bonds

We also offer high yield grade bonds.

Our money market offerings include:

  1. Government of Canada and Provincial Treasury Bills

  2. Bankers' Acceptances & Bearer Deposit Notes

  3. Commercial Paper

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The Fixed Income asset class of securities usually consists of government and/or corporate bonds. Essentially they are a loan to a corporation or government. They provide a fixed income stream.

Equity, on the other hand, is represented by stocks and is associated with money raised through shareholders to help fund a company. Equity provides ownership of a company and allows an investor to participate in its growth through share ownership.

Fixed income pricing: clear and simple

Commissions for Bonds, Strip Coupons, GICs, T-Bills and other fixed income and money market products are included in the quoted price.

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