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How does a chequing account work?

A chequing account is a spending account that you can use every day to pay bills or for day to day purchases. Learn more about the different ways you can use your chequing account.

How do I choose the account best suited for me?

To help you decide which chequing account is best suited for you, use our Compare Bank Accounts tool. If you’re a newcomer to Canada or a current student in a post-secondary institution, we may have special offers for you.

How can I open a chequing account?

Most of our accounts can be opened online in less than 5 minutes. Make sure you have a valid email address, employer information, and valid ID (either a valid passport or Canadian driver’s license) to verify your ID.

How can I keep my monthly fees low?

Understanding how often you’ll use your chequing account and for what will help determine the type of account you need. Some of our chequing accounts will waive your monthly account fees if you keep the minimum balance at the end of each day of the month4.

Benefits of banking with TD

Karyn turns her job loss into an opportunity to become a nurse.

Online and Mobile Banking

Manage your money from wherever you are. Harness the power of mobile banking with the TD App or bank online through EasyWeb.
Karyn turns her job loss into an opportunity to become a nurse.

TD MySpend

Paired with your TD App, instantly keep track of your monthly spending so you can manage your cashflow and expenses more efficiently.

TD Mobile Deposit

Use your mobile device to take a photo of your cheque and deposit it directly into your account with the TD App without going into the branch.
Graphic TD

Direct Deposit

Set up Direct Deposit to get employer and government payments deposited directly into your chequing account.

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