TD Easy TradeTM app—investing made easy

Get 50 commission-free stock trades, commission-free unlimited TD Exchange-Traded Fund (TD ETF) trades, save on currency conversion and learn while on the go.

How TD Easy TradeTM benefits you

How TD Easy TradeTM benefits you

Start small with partial shares

With partial shares trading in the TD Easy Trade app, you can own a piece of your favourite companies by investing any amount you want. Your starting investment could be less than what you’ve paid for a cup of coffee.


Features in the TD Easy TradeTM app

  • Access in-app news and views

    Read financial reviews, access market and company news, along with do-it-yourself investing content.

  • Set and track investment goals

    Set timelines, contributions, and risk tolerance to help grow your money.

Elevate your investing skills with further learning

  • An index is a measure used to track the performance of the market. Buying an index fund means buying shares of many companies resulting in a diverse portfolio.

  • Choosing the right account depends on your financial goals and circumstances. It's crucial to understand the features of each account to help you choose.

  • Investing means buying assets to potentially build wealth over time. Trading is buying and selling assets more frequently with the aim of maximizing gains as the market fluctuates.

Fees and commissions

Follow these steps to start investing with the TD Easy TradeTM app

Step 1 of 3

Open an account to invest

Using a browser, open a cash account, TFSA, or RRSP.

Step 2 of 3

Download the TD Easy TradeTM app

Scan your QR code to get the app.

Step 2 of 3

Download the TD Easy TradeTM app

  • App Store

  • Google Play

iOS version 12 or Android 7.0 or higher is required to download TD Easy Trade

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Fund your account

How will you fund your account?

Now you're ready to place your first trade

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Choosing the platform that works for you depends on your investing goals.

We recommend TD Easy TradeTM for new investors to help ease them into investing. 

TD Direct Investing is more for experienced traders. Those who understand market dynamics and can identify and seize investing opportunities on their own.

You can access the TD Easy TradeTM app using your mobile phone and tablet. You can't access it using a desktop browser.

When you open a Canadian account, you also automatically get a free U.S. account that you can use to hold U.S. currency and trade U.S. securities without worrying about currency conversion. You may also purchase U.S. stocks using Canadian currency or vice versa, but a currency conversion will be required on those trades.

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