Cash Accounts

Get ready to invest the easy way, with a TD Easy TradeTM Cash Account.

Account Highlights

Simple to start. No minimums to keep. The TD Easy Trade Cash Account gives you the flexibility to get (and keep) going.

  1. Invest on your terms
    Check out opportunities to grow your money. We'll help you every step of the way.

  2. Put your cash to work
    Choose your investments and track your progress with the TD Easy Trade™ mobile app.

  3. No U.S. or Canadian currency conversion costs
    With both the Canadian and U.S. dollar components in a cash account, you can trade in the currency of the stock or TD ETF without worrying about currency conversion costs related to these currencies. If you don't have sufficient funds, you would incur a currency conversion cost.

  4. Ready, set, goal!
    Whether you're starting out or have almost reached your goal, you can withdraw your money whenever you need.

Putting your money to work

  • Stocks
    Invest in common and preferred shares from companies listed on six North American exchanges.
  • TD ETFs
    The TD ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) lets you invest in a collection of securities across different geographic regions or industries based on specific investment strategies.

Let's get started

Whether you’re new to investing or have some experience, we'll get you going in the right direction with your TD Easy Trade account.

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