You could get up to $1,100 towards your investment goals.

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TD Wealth Financial Planning

Confidence starts with the right portfolio

A TD Wealth Financial Planner works with you to develop financial plans that can balance life today with goals for tomorrow. A dedicated Financial Planner will provide regular contact, timely insights and will be there to guide you every step of the way. It’s not just about investing either. They can connect you to the right TD specialist to help you meet a range of other goals or challenges.

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Couple reviewing their finances with TD Wealth Financial Planning services

Uncover what drives your decisions

Our discovery process is in-depth. Your TD Wealth Financial Planner doesn't just get to know your financial picture. They apply principles of behavioural finance to better understand your personality, your goals and your motivations. With these additional layers, your Financial Planner is well equipped to provide you with guidance when and how you want to receive it.

Working toward your goals, together

Whether you are planning for your well-earned retirement or for unique opportunities in your life, your Financial Planner will be there to help. Your Financial Planner will construct your portfolio with primarily TD funds which are professionally managed by TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM). TDAM has a diverse range of funds to help you with your goals by spreading risk, reducing volatility and enhancing the potential for solid long-term returns so you can feel greater confidence putting a financial plan into action.

Communication, on your terms

We will stay in touch with you, keeping you updated on your progress, answering your questions, and keeping you on track. And we’ll do so in a way that makes sense for you. Because staying informed is important to having confidence in your plan.

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